I came across this anecdote and wanted to share it here since it seems very applicable in out current time.

A student once asked anthropologist Margaret Mead, “What is the earliest sign of civilization?” The student expected her to say a clay pot, a grinding stone, or maybe a weapon.

Margaret Mead thought for a moment, then she said, “A healed femur.”

A femur is the longest bone in the body, linking hip to knee. In societies without the benefits of modern medicine, it takes about six weeks of rest for a fractured femur to heal. A healed femur shows that someone cared for the injured person, did their hunting and gathering, stayed with them, and offered physical protection and human companionship until the injury could mend.

Mead explained that where the law of the jungle—the survival of the fittest—rules, no healed femurs are found. The first sign of civilization is compassion, seen in a healed femur.

By the same token, the first sign of an advanced civilization is not reading and writing, computer technology, robotics, nuclear weapons, music, or a high level of civil organization. Rather, the first and last sign of civilization is compassion.

How well we care for those who are wounded or injured, in body or soul; how well we rally around a person in their time of need, offering healing and comfort and protection and companionship until they are able to rise up and walk again, are the true signs of civilization.

Learning to live a life of compassion towards the weak, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged is the most important part of our civilization’s ‘coming of age’.


Let’s show each other – and ourselves – some compassion in these dire times.


I just received the below forwarded (Dutch) message containing some excellent suggestions. I know what I’ll be doing this evening 😊.

Lief mens,Zou je aub als je mediteert of bidt je in gedachten willen verbinden met vreugdevolle dingen. Je verbinden met andere mensen. Met andere Lichtwerkers. Richt je op liefde. Vraag je Hulpteam om begeleiding en bescherming als je gevoel zegt dat je bescherming nodig hebt.  Observeer de angst die corona opwekt. Observeer de pijn en stuur er heel veel liefde naar. Leg er een deken van warmte, van liefde over. Als veel mensen dit doen, staan we sterker. We vormen een netwerk. Dan helen we deze negativiteit. We transformeren het naar positiviteit. Naar Licht. Het is niet moeilijk. Gewoon als je bidt of mediteert. Je in gedachten verbinden met anderen en Lichtwezens. Warmte en liefde sturen. Vreugde. Als je wil mag je nog aan het virus vragen of het een boodschap heeft. Maar dat is aan jou. Stuur liefde. Samen helen we deze situatie veel makkelijker. Dank de Lichtwezens, de anderen en jezelf. Ook al weet je niet wie ze zijn. Misschien geloof je er (nog) niet in. Maar je bent krachtiger dan je zelf denkt. Je bent nodig. Je bent een Bron.
Dank je wel voor je aandacht en tijd.
Dit bericht mag doorgestuurd worden.
Bedankt alvast.

Crazy times

It’s been a while since my last post. Considering what’s going on in the world, it seems silly to be blogging about my spiritual activities. It’s just crazy how much fear is going around now. For me, it started out with facing some of my own fears, stepping out of my comfort zone. While I was in the middle of that, the institution where I work was hacked causing intense fear in me. While still recovering from that the Corona virus starts wreaking havoc in the world. It seems that fear is escalating, I’m wondering where it’ll end. (I channeled a while ago for myself that a period of fear was coming but Boy, I didn’t expect anything like this.)

Sometimes I think that, in order to really change human behavior on planet Earth and become awake beings, something really big would need to happen that would lead to a systemic failure of our political and economic system, but I never could think of anything that would do that on a global scale. Could this be it? Maybe. I expect though that this is not ‘It’ . I expect this thing to disrupt everything for a while and then it’ll go away. I see it as a warning, a wake-up call. Not that someone or something is being angry at us or anything like that, but just the first big result of a disturbed balance. Time to get our act together. There is a lot of suffering going on right now and I don’t deny that, but I hope this event will lead to a much needed reset of human thinking, where we are more considerate of the consequences of our actions for our fellow creatures and the Earth.

As for myself, I notice that meditation and energy work is harder for me now because all the Corona stuff keeps grabbing my attention. Lots of activities are being cancelled that I had planned and was looking forward to. This is all trivial however and can be made up for later. I just hope that the suffering will be as minimal as possible and that this thing will be over quickly.

May you and your loved ones be healthy and happy. May all beings be healthy and happy.


The Ziemia ceremony I did recently was very nice and I learned a lot by stepping out of my comfort zone. Now that this episode is over I’m looking for new avenues to get to new experiences and people. I came across an ad for a local spiritual healer close to my home and upon inspection of her site I saw she also gives workshops. I’ve signed up and I’ll be attending it next Saturday 😊.

Fear & EFT

I’m still dealing with a lot of fear from different sources and it seems it all can be traced back to a central fear of being ‘not good enough’. I’m afraid of the upcoming healing ceremony because I might fail or disappoint myself. The feeling of being unworthy or ‘ not good enough’ is very strong lately. At first I was thrilled and happy to be invited to participate in that ceremony but now there is mostly fear and that fear blocks my energy and my confidence so I feel weak, further strengthening the feeling of inadequacy. This also caused the anger in my previous post. However, withdrawing from that ceremony is not an option for me; that would be real failure in my eyes. I have to learn to let go and trust that it’ll work out.

I started practicing EFT (emotional freedom techniques) , also called ‘tapping’, to address this fear.

The basics are easy to learn and application takes only a few minutes per day. It’s based on restoring energy flow through meridians, thereby releasing blocking emotions or beliefs. I’ve done a few sessions so far and it seems I feel instantly more relaxed but this is only temporary, the fear is getting stronger during the day. But, as with many therapies it may get worse before it gets better so I’m keeping this up.


I find myself wondering about love (between partners) again. Lately I’m haunted by desires that I thought I had ‘overcome’ or was in the process of overcoming but now they seem to be back in full force. Apparently I haven’t learned my lesson yet? Confusion arises when thinking about love between two persons and how that relates to unconditional love.
It’s funny how I ‘run into’ relevant material about that topic now that these questions linger in my mind. In the Seth book I’m listening to a chapter about the functions of the brain and how chemicals influence our experience. Additionally, I came across this article on CNN about the very same subject. So when thinking further about it I realized there are some major differences between interpersonal love and unconditional love:

(note: I’m not implying to speak the Truth below, it is only how I view things at this time.)

Interpersonal love can be the basis for a relationship but unconditional love cannot because unconditional love is impersonal, does not judge and applies to all of experience indiscriminately. It will not lead to a choice to commit to a specific relationship. Furthermore, interpersonal love is not unconditional because the relationship will only survive as long as it works for both persons. (Note that ‘works’ can mean different things; a person who keeps an abusive partner to unconsciously punish onseself due to childhood imprinting may seem to be in a bad relationship when viewed from the outside, but the person in question still ‘thinks’ the relationship works.So a ‘working’ relationship does not necessarily look good from the outside.) As soon as one of the partners starts to show behaviour that is unacceptable to the other, the relationship will end.

What the Seth material and the CNN article also made me realize is that interpersonal love includes the desire to mate (sexually), which clearly is not the case with unconditional love.

So if a desire to be in a relationship with someone includes the desire to mate, I’m assuming that I’m a slave to brain chemistry and although it feels hard to ignore or dismiss, is ultimately of no importance when looking at the bigger picture.

Also this tells me that I should not compare unconditional love to interpersonal love, nor should I judge myself for not feeling unconditional love for my partner. That’s unrealistic and not how it works. I think best case one can have a good loving relationship with a person and – at the same time – feel unconditional love for All That Is, which of course includes the partner.

It also means that the relationship can be ended if it doesn’t work anymore, while still feeling unconditional love because feeling unconditional love does not infer one should stay in a relationship that is harmful.