Evening meditation

This evening I started with 30 minutes of quieting the mind after which I switched to sending shamballa. I have a friend on the other side of the globe who is in a very difficult position and who has given me permission to do that. It felt good doing it, I’ve been wanting to do that for some time. It felt strong, too. I always try to send the energy without desiring a specific outcome. It’s not carrying an intention to force a solution to any situation, that would require judging it as wrong or needing to be solved. It’s ‘just’ universal love and light. I involved the ‘shamballa family’ to increase power. I saw her surrounded by a group of light beings, beaming down this beautiful energy on her. While this was happening, this sentence came to mind: ‘Know your are loved, and know you can’t fail in this life.’

I notified her directly after the session as she requested and later I got a reply that in that timeframe she stopped doing what she was doing and went over to look out a window to appreciate the feeling that everything was going to be okay.

Shamballa session

This evening I gave the same family member as yesterday a shamballa session. This time it was not nearly as strong as yesterday which is a good thing because the sessions of yesterday were exceptionally strong. The Violet energy I started with was purple and golden and soft. After that I gave shamballa and I finished off with green energy from Archangel Raphael which I hadn’t planned. It wasn’t a spectacular session but that’s perfectly fine, I just want to practice.

Shamballa sessions

Today I had an informal Shamballa session with a few people which we have about once a month. Normally there’s four of us but one missed the occasion so it was me and two others. We started out with some conversation and laying cards after which we proceeded to go into the treatment room and give each other a healing. We take turns so each time there’s one person on the table and two are working with energy. As always I was feeling insecure before we started but I’m used to that now. I started out on the table but my session was short; both my partners felt a high energy that pushed them away and they felt they had to stop – so they did.

The next person lied down on the table and as I was preparing\centering my self to commence I saw myself before my mind’s eye growing bigger and bigger , feeling stronger and stronger. I suspected it was going to be an intense session. I usually start with purifying the subject’s energy body – if I feel I have permission – using my spirit guides and St. Germaine’s Violet Flame energy. I got a clear feeling of permission so I gently grabbed the sides of her head and started flooding her with Violet Flame energy. It was very powerful and before my mind’s eye her body was fizzing and sparking with a fire-like intensity. The Raven skull I took with me also was in the room and prior to the session I had invited it to join. I very briefly saw it pecking away at the subject’s body, making visible what was hidden to her. This flow kept up for a while and I got the thought that is was a bit much but I felt I had to go on and push through now. After some time the image of the process in my head started fading so I knew it was done. Then I saw a white angel descending and I put my right index- and middle finger on her forehead to let the angel’s bright white energy flow into her. I knew that this was to soften what just happened, like an ointment to treat a burn. I let the bright white energy flow for a while until that image too faded. At this point I had a pretty worked-up feeling so I figured some grounding would be good. I walked over to her feet, grabbed them and grounded myself in the Earth. Excess energy flowed away and a calm feeling returned after a short while so I stopped. Funny thing is that the person reported afterwards that, when I touched her forehead, she thought the sun had come through the clouds because she saw light from behind her closed eyelids. This didn’t happen though, it was cloudy throughout the session.

When I started treating the next person and went about to sanitize her energy body, the Violet energy had a liquid-like quality instead of a firy one. I was standing by her feet with my hands on them. I felt I had to fill her energy body with this liquid as if it were a container, so that impurities may gradually soak off and may be seen. After some time she was ‘full’ and I switched to Shamballa energy. I turned the palms of my hands towards her and I saw the image of the Shamballa energy making waves in the liquid, helping to soak off what needs to be transformed. I saw the Raven pecking at her belly button, no idea why. After the session the liquid Violet energy remained in her body so I suspect some things may come to the surface in the time to come.

In the evening a family member was complaining about some aches so I gave her a treatment in my own room. Again I started out with a cleaning session using the Violet Flame energy but it didn’t feel like it was working, it felt blocked or there was resistance. It made me wonder what to do, should I stop? Instead I decided to increase power. The Violet energy turned to white as ‘I’ increased the frequency (no idea how, purely by intention I guess. Lately I’m imagining the I Am presence as the director of the session, because I know that I personally am not capable to understand this energy work.) I kept going up with the frequency until it felt like things were opening up but by then the energy felt cold and hard. When I felt like things got moving somewhat I switched to Shamballa because I felt I had been using some strong force and a dose of warm TLC was needed so I concluded the session by involving the Shamballa family and flooding her with positive energy. Every individual session today took about 15 minutes.

I’m thankful to have had these opportunities to practice today and it feels like this is what I want to do. I’ll be looking for ways to make this a bigger part of my life .


Today I had a small Shamballa gathering where we talk and practice Shamballa on each other. We take turns lying down on the table and the other three perform a joint healing. Last Tuesday at another Shamballa gathering my energy felt quite powerful but today was even stronger. When I was working on the last person (3rd) I wasn’t allowed to flush her energy body using the Violet Flame so I found myself wondering what to do next? I thought of my higher self and decided that it’s not my problem; you figure it out. So the thought arose to grab her feet and gently push them a bit apart and I did that. Following that the image came to mind of a big column of bright white light coming down on me and going into the person through my arms. It was very powerful and I saw\imagined sparks flying off the stream of energy. This continued for some time and meanwhile I was wondering where all this energy was going but I figured that wasn’t my problem. When the stream subsided I felt a bit worked up and I imagined the person must be feeling the same, so I grounded myself and let the energy level out with the Earth. This took a bit of time and the other two persons were already finished but I continued until it felt right. The person on the table felt it was a strong healing and the other people around the table also had the impression that it was strong.

So in my car on the way home I noticed that I was a bit proud of my strong energy. I realized this was not right as it is not my energy. I don’t even really know what I’m doing. It all works best if I, Dennis, step aside and just let it all happen. My Higher Self and other beings work with the energy through me. If any credit is to be given to Dennis, it’s for learning to step aside and not interfere.

Evening meditation

I visited the trees in the park again tonight. It was a beautiful evening and I enjoyed being there. I attempted to channel something for myself but I had no burning questions. I talked into my phone but I felt I was making up the words myself. I suspect it helps to have a clear pointed question in your mind when doing this. The absence of a clear question combined with a lack of trust that I could do it again made it a ‘failure’. I expected this and I know I have to keep practicing. Two days ago things happened kind of spontaneous and now that I want to do it again it feels forced and it won’t work. I will keep working on it because I feel this is important and will bring me closer to my true nature.

At home I followed up with a Light meditation. This didn’t feel very lively, it’s just one of those days. Better luck tomorrow.

Healing session

Today I did a session on a family member, in spite of my mind saying that I’m in no condition to do so, I’m not in the right mood. I ignored that and did it anyway. I put on some Koshi bell music and followed my usual routine. It was very uneventful for me, but afterwards the ‘client’ reported a lot of tingling at the crown of the head and in the hands and feet. I’m glad I did it, it shows me that the persona is not doing the healing and it does not really matter how I feel before or after the session.

Afterwards I put on the *really* interesting documentary on Netflix called ‘Heal‘ which is about the different kinds of alternative medicine. It shows me again how important it is to keep a positive mindset, I just wish that wasn’t so difficult right now.

Shamballa night

I just returned from a Shamballa gathering. Before I went I was feeling very insecure because I haven’t practiced in a while and frankly I think I’m no good at it. Lately I was even considering stopping entirely with all energy-related practices and focusing on non-duality. But because I feel this insecurity everytime before I go to a Shamballa evening I just set that thought aside and I went , making sure that I went without any expectations: anything is okay.

It was good to see 4 men and 4 women, usually I’m outnumbered by women. All faces were new except one woman I met before.

We did the usual program; a meditation or two, followed by a group healing. After that we formed couples and practiced healing on each other. The woman I was with layed down first and I began to do my thing.

I asked her higher self for permission to clean her energy body and then asked help from my guides and st.Germain. I grounded myself and put my hands on the side of her head. I visualized the Violet energy flowing through her body, clearing out blockages and impurities. When that was done I walked around her and wanted to go to her hands, but I didn’t because they were covered by the blanket she was under; I like skin contact. I couldn’t sense what else to do, so I lightly grabbed her feet and waited what the energy wanted to do; either flow into the body or out. At first it was out so I did that, letting excess energy flow into the Earth. Then it turned around and I was pumping green energy into her. When that flow stopped I walked to her head and started circulating Earth energy through her head ; up through the left leg and into the head via my left arm , then back to the Earth though my right arm and leg. A short time later I reversed the direction.

After the session she said she had felt tension flow out of her body and her wrist joints didn’t hurt anymore (she has rheumatism). Also, when I touched her head , she felt a sense of calm coming over her. It’s always surprising how these women feel exactly what I do while I myself don’t.

When she treated me my arm started hurting pretty bad , for the rest there was nothing to report. But, for me it is usual to get energy sensations at night after such a session so we’ll see.

Another woman wanted my email address because she liked my energy.
No idea what she wants with it but we’ll see.. (It surely wasn’t about my looks 😉) I intend to follow the flow of events as much as I dare without questioning it and see where it takes me.

I’m glad I went and it looks like I’ve made some new contacts as well.


About once a month I attend a small gathering of people who attended the NPDMT (Shamballa) course as I did. Today was such a gathering at my home. One person couldn’t make it so there were only three of us. We chatted and did the Metta meditation together which was nice. We then collectively sent Shamballa to a person in distress using a photo. After that we gave each other a Shamballa treatment. I had no insights or surprising sensations, the only thing was that with one person I was working at the head and my hands got warm, and I moved to the feet and my hands got cold, while she reported afterwards that she felt my hands were cold at her head and warm at her feet.

I need to practice this more often. I still haven’t executed my plan to put up a note a the supermarket to invite people to come for a healing but that will come. All in due time.

Energy session

This evening I did a healing session on my wife. It had been quite a while since my last session. I put on some nice gong sounds and stood by the head end of the massage table. I asked archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. I waited a few seconds and asked my wife’s higher self for permission to work on her energy body. I got a positive feeling so I proceeded and asked st.Germain and my guides for help. I put my hands on the sides of her head and imagined Violet energy streaming through my arms into her body. I imagined the energy transmuting negative energy into white light, releasing negative entities and sending them to the light and releasing blockages. When I got the impression that was done I started the Shamballa session. I walked around her with my hands over her looking for clues what to do but got nothing. I still have to learn doing this intuitively. I know I can do it, I did it in the past. When I’m not trying I seem to ‘know’ what to do, but how do you try not to try 🤔. I just continued imagining the energy flowing and focused on my breath but all this took too long and the energy was gone. No problem, I was happy to be practicing again. I thanked everyone for the help and ended the session.

Afterwards I continued with a loving kindness meditation I still had in my favourites but this one I don’t like anymore so after I finished it I removed it from my favourites.