Growth vs. suffering

Someone told me recently that I seemed different and had grown in a spiritual sense. It got me thinking a bit.

For starters, it’s a comparison. A comparison of past to present , but also of self to other. I don’t remember which sage said it, but the saying was that ‘All suffering starts with comparison’. This is because in essence we are all One, and in One there can be no comparing. Once we believe the illusion of duality there are the two things , then the 10.000 things and the comparing begins accompanied by suffering.
But that notion doesn’t help much unless you’re enlightened – which I’m not.

On a more practical note :I notice we are often blind to our own growth because as we grow, life seems to present us with challenges to apply what we’ve learned hence the suffering doesn’t seem to deminish. So in my experience not much has changed, I certainly don’t feel any happier than say, a year ago.


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