About me

Hi there! I’m Dennis and at the time of writing I am 47 years old. I’m married and a father of two adolescents.

I started meditating in 2014 because I was in need of a behavioral change ; I was constantly negative and angry and this was doing my life and those around me no good.

I decided to do a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat in a Goenka center. It was very challenging but I learned a great deal and it got me meditating.
Meditation turned me into a more pleasant person , more relaxed and able to enjoy life more. But the meditation also turned me into a spiritual seeker.
Seeking the core of my being , the purpose of life , unconditional love , call it what you will. There is more to life than just collecting material stuff.

Exploring different meditation techniques , trying them out , reading books and doing retreats has learned me a lot and included lots of failures too.
The internet however,is mainly full of established gurus expounding their method of awakening. The failures they had and the dead ends they pursued are rarely documented.
I’m not saying I am a guru in any way but since I was already keeping a log for myself about my spirituals doings , I decided that I could as well dump that in this blog. The good as well as the bad days will be found here so witness me struggle 🙂

Additionally , I meditate daily where I just sit and be aware of thoughts , emotions and sensations , watching thngs from the Observer’s perspective. I also try to maintain this perspective as much as possible during the day.
I try to meditate at least an hour each day , but I don’t beat myself over the head should I fail to do that sometimes. I’m also interested in the Michael teachings and I try to learn to channel. I like crystals. Oh, and I practice energy work.

Think you can support me or have a question? Feel free to drop me a comment. Let’s peel this onion!

Be well 🙏