A collection of sites and other resources of interest.

  • Living Method video course
    An affordable 10-hour video course on Waking Up from the dream of duality by Fred Davis. Check him out on youtube as well.
  • The School of Esoteric Sciences
    One of the greatest collections of text , audio and video resources I know of that relate to spirituality.
    Learn about why we are here in this physical body and how re-incarnation works.
    Beautiful photos , poems and artwork. (Dutch site)
  • Heart2Heartconnection need a sound- or crystal healing? Go there.
    You can apply here to get online guidance from a realized person to guide you to recognition of your true nature. Read their free PDF to get an impression.
  • , best meditation app you are going to find. And free!
  • Here is a very nice soundbath by Michelle Berc , I love to use this during an energy healing session.