Evening meditation

This evening I decided to just sit and stay with the breath, so I sat down in my meditation room and did just that. After about half an hour I was feeling quite calm and neutral. In that room I’m surrounded by a number of stones and I got the idea to pick one up and see how it feels; since I’m feeling neutral and I’m nicely focused maybe I could feel the difference. The first one I picked up was a citrine point. I held it in my hands and focused on the stone for a few minutes. I noticed I started to feel more optimistic and willing to act, wanting to do something like create or repair something. Next I picked up a piece of shungite. I focused on being aware I was holding the stone and I could feel the citrine influence slowly dissipating, being replaced by an assuring calmness. Maybe I’ll practice this more often to train my sensitivity because I think the same sensitivity is related to intuition\channeling and if like to have more of that.

Evening meditation

This evening there’s a full moon and it’s a clear night so I went to the forest nearby to visit ‘my’ tree. The light was absolutely beautiful and the moon was very bright. I tried to make a photo with my phone:

I sat on the bench near the tree and practiced some channeling for a while by speaking out loud (without clear success – but that’s okay). I then did a 20-minute light meditation, thanked the trees and went home to warm up.

Centers explained

In another message from Shepherd Hoodwin in the group he explains how the Centers work. I’m glad he did that because the Centers are very key to how we interact with our environment and a practical explanation is very hard to find. The Center determines how one responds to external stimuli. Everybody has a primary Center and a Secondary center. The secondary Center is called the ‘part of’. For example , I’m in the Emotional Part (=secondary) of Intellectual Center (=primary). In the excerpt below the dynamics of the Intellectual Center (Emotional part) are very well explained and I immediately recognized the truth of it.

If you are intellectually centered, in the emotional part (secondary), it means that your first reaction is to analyze, and then you more-or-less automatically feel based on your thoughts once they are crystallized in reaction to something that occurred. To change your feelings, first change your thoughts. The positive pole of the intellectual center is thought, the negative, reason, which, in this context, means mechanical thinking that’s asleep, not seeing with fresh eyes and engaging in original thought. Those who are intellectually centered might be especially drawn to reading and analyzing. The weak link when your primary center is intellectual and your secondary is emotional are the two body centers—taking action and having physical experience, which is what will most balance you. If you fall into the trap of your center and worry—negative thoughts leading to negative feelings, leading to still more negative thoughts and still more negative emotions, forming a vicious circle—the way out is to do something. This is accomplished by distracting your emotional part: instead of worrying your thoughts to death, put on some music, look at some art, or anything else that will allow you to have emotions about something neutral, until you can gain control enough to take positive action.

The full explanation can be found here.

Energy Literacy

I received a message from Shepherd Hoodwin via the private Michael discussion group. Shepherd Hoodwin is one of the most prominent channels for the Michael Teachings and he wrote several books on the subject. He announces having recently released a new book “Energy Literacy” and I found the excerpt published on his page very interesting. It discusses Energy Hygiene if you will. You can read it on his page here.

Die Quelle

I’m very happy to have received permission to share a text that was posted in the Michael Teachings group on groups.io . The text describes the three Astral Territories. It is a translation from German to English and was originally channelled from ‘Die Quelle’ (a causal teacher like Michael) through Varda Hasselmann.

It is too large to post here so I created a separate page for it here.

Morning meditation

I usually do a Light meditation on the morning but not this time. As I was looking for the audio file on my phone to start it, I accidentally talked on the filled below it which happened to be the 20-minute Microcosmic Orbit. I accepted the hint and did the MCO instead. It turned out to be a mix of the MCO and the Violet flame. As I started to move the energy from one center to the next during each breath, I imagined st.Germain tracing that path with his finger over my skin, infusing the Centers with his energy. Violet energy of course, so now I was circulating Violet energy using the MCO. I really tried to imagine feeling the finger going over my skin which helps staying focused. There was a buildup of subtle heat. At the end, arriving at the lower Dan Tian, I spontaneously thought ‘I am a being of Violet fire, I am the purity God desires’ and a wave of tingles washed over my body. Funny how that goes.

Evening meditation

I had been reading a document on st.Germain and the Violet flame this evening and it inspired me to do a long Violet flame meditation. I started with a 10-minute guided meditation (the one on my media page) and played a nice tune following that. I kept the image of the Violet flame surrounding me alive in my mind and regularly spoke this mantra:

I Am a being of Violet fire, I Am the purity God desires

It felt quite strong and I kept doing this for about 20 minutes but then it started feeling like it was too much so I switched to the Light meditation. I imagined all the transmuted stuff (fears and desires) coming back to me as pure white light, filling my aura. It felt nice and tranquil and I was reluctant to stop the meditation after an hour but I had to go to bed.

Evening meditation

I listened to part of this Kryon channeling this evening and in the background there were singing bowls. I haven’t listened to those in quite a while so I put those on during my evening meditation. It was quite lovely. It relaxed me and it got me to change a bit for myself, something I haven’t done in weeks due to circumstances. I got a name for my Raven skull: Dakota. I like that name. I looked it up and I learned that the Dakota is an Indian tribe from North America, party of the Sioux. It feels fitting.

Evening meditation

Tonight I did what I planned yesterday; I started with the 50-minute breath meditation and followed that up with a 20-minute Light meditation. It made the light meditation more intense, even though I was tired after a long intense day at work. I again combined it with the image of merging my brain halves so that my ratio and my intuition may get balanced.I dedicated the merits of the meditation to rain in Australia, so the fires may be put out.