Lesson learned

There are a few things I can share about the Ziemia ceremony that I helped facilitate last saturday, which I will do over the coming period as time allows.

First of all I learned (again) that sometimes things are very much NOT what they seem…
In the weeks leading up to the ceremony I grew more and more anxious because I was insecure about what I could contribute. The other participants all had visible, concrete skills in my eyes and I didn’t. I only have my healing of which I still am not confident in spite of all the positive feedback I received in the past. (In hindsight there also was a huge fear to be judged by people at that ceremony). It was not until 1 or 2 days before the ceremony that the anxiety subsided somewhat and I was looking forward to it again. So this is the mindset that I entered the ceremony with. I placed my seiza bench at the edge of the room so I had a place to sit when I did not have a task. Also, I kept a copy of the programme there so I could take a peek at it on the go, because I was too nervous to memorize it. The ceremony was opened by the organizer after which there was a 20-minute sound healing using crystal singing bowls. This was one of two occasions where the three present healers could wander through the room and give healing energy to the people attending. As I was seated at the edge of the room, it was logical I would start with the couple that was lying directly in front of me. As the sound healing started I noticed I was very anxious again, feeling scared and insecure. I looked at the couple and I couldn’t get myself to give them a healing, which includes touching for me because I always do that by placing my hands behind the ears. I was afraid of the reaction of the man and didn’t dare touch him. His partner was lying besides him, very obviously pregnant. This raised questions with me too, because I would like to put my hand on her belly for a healing but this is an action that is either highly appreciated or deemed inappropriate depending on the level of trust of the person. So I didn’t dare heal her as well.

I interpreted the resistance I felt as my own fear and insecurity.

Because I only had 20 minutes I decided to skip the couple and go into the room. I kneeled down behind the first person and gently put my hands behind the ears. The person did not open the eyes and was not disturbed by it, so my worry of that was unjustified in this case. I still was very tense though so the healing was messy in my head and didn’t feel very effective to me. Also I was kneeled which was painful for my toes so that was distracting. I continued to the next person and sat crosslegged behind her. When I put my hands around the back of her head, she didn’t react in any way so that was good. I noticed how different she felt compared to the previous person, but couldn’t describe that difference. It was like a heaviness. I gave her some violet flame energy and continued to the next person. She saw me coming and we exchanged a slight smile. I sat crosslegged behind her and again put my hands behind her ears. This person too felt different , a lot lighter that the previous one. This was interesting because this is the first time I’m treating strangers in a rapid succession and I was surprised that I felt these differences even though I was far from relaxed. The next person was a balled man with biker-like clothes. As I sat behind him I immediately thought of Archangel Raphael so I sent green healing energy into his body. Perhaps there was some physical malady present there but I wasn’t keen enough to think of asking for guidance what that was.

At a later stage in the ceremony there was a second timeframe where the healers could wander the room.

I decided to go back to the couple and try to give them a healing again. I sat down behind the man but I couldn’t get myself to begin. I was afraid of his reaction. The same with his pregnant wife. I decided to try and give him a healing without touching him but even that wouldn’t work. Eventually I just decided to skip them alltogether, letting go of the idea that everyone in the room must get a healing.

Why am I sharing this? Because I interpreted the resistance I felt with that couple as my own fear and insecurity. This was not the case however. One of the other healers did actually approach the couple to give them a healing and it ended up being a nasty discussion. The man wasn’t interested and rejected all good intentions. Probably the ceremony was not what he expected of it and maybe he regretted coming. The man’s behavior was quite unpleasant. When I heard about this after the ceremony I realized that the resistance I had felt was not coming from my fear or anxiety, but from them. It appears I was actually following my intuition without realizing it. It’s a shame that it kind of put a shadow over the entire evening for me because I didn’t realize this until afterwards. It’s a very valuable lesson – for the other healer too, because she realized she had the same intuition about the couple but approached them anyway because she felt everyone should get a healing – which is the limited brain talking.

So the big lesson here was to trust my feelings more. I need to pay more attention to them. That being said , discerning where the feelings are coming from – someone else or me – is something I have to learn.

Practice Session

I did a session on a family member just now. This is a summary.

Started out with asking archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. Asked for permission of the person’s higher self to clean energy body. Got ‘yeah yeah – get on with it already’ 🙂. Asked assistance of my higher self, st.Germain and spirit guides. Grounded myself and connected my crown. I put my hands on the sides of the head and flooded the body with Violet energy. I stopped after a minute or so. Then I tried out my new pendulum above the 3rd eye and heart chakras, that did nothing. Don’t know why, guess I need to read up on how to use it or get an official pendulum. (Or practice more.) Put the pendulum away again.

I Invited Michael to do energy work through me. I put my right hand on the crown of her head. I felt I needed to unlock my knees and slightly bend them to straighten my back and neck to facilitate better energy flow. I imagined Michael connecting through my heart center and the energy flowed from there through my arms. Michael started slow , with a trickle of energy increasing slowly. I put my hands on her shoulders from behind, slowly alternating mild pressure between right and left shoulder. Energy was shooting through the arms out of the hands. After a short while they stopped; ‘that’s enough for now’. I connected to Earth (Pachamama) and started flushing the head with Earth energy. I pressed my index fingers on the small protruding part in the ear opening, saw needle-like metal things penetrating the head to the center. Energy then started feeling abrasive to the point that I got concerned and I stopped it, switching to golden Mahatma energy to soothe the energy body. Got a reminder to unlock my knees and straighten my back. (Table is probably too low for me.) Added shamballa at the end. The whole session didn’t feel very intense or vivid for me although the person on the table had many sensations in the head and her hands were a bit painful afterwards. That’s not necessarily a bad sign, energy work does not always make you feel better immediately.

Evening meditation

This evening I started with 30 minutes of quieting the mind after which I switched to sending shamballa. I have a friend on the other side of the globe who is in a very difficult position and who has given me permission to do that. It felt good doing it, I’ve been wanting to do that for some time. It felt strong, too. I always try to send the energy without desiring a specific outcome. It’s not carrying an intention to force a solution to any situation, that would require judging it as wrong or needing to be solved. It’s ‘just’ universal love and light. I involved the ‘shamballa family’ to increase power. I saw her surrounded by a group of light beings, beaming down this beautiful energy on her. While this was happening, this sentence came to mind: ‘Know your are loved, and know you can’t fail in this life.’

I notified her directly after the session as she requested and later I got a reply that in that timeframe she stopped doing what she was doing and went over to look out a window to appreciate the feeling that everything was going to be okay.

Shamballa session

This evening I gave the same family member as yesterday a shamballa session. This time it was not nearly as strong as yesterday which is a good thing because the sessions of yesterday were exceptionally strong. The Violet energy I started with was purple and golden and soft. After that I gave shamballa and I finished off with green energy from Archangel Raphael which I hadn’t planned. It wasn’t a spectacular session but that’s perfectly fine, I just want to practice.

Shamballa sessions

Today I had an informal Shamballa session with a few people which we have about once a month. Normally there’s four of us but one missed the occasion so it was me and two others. We started out with some conversation and laying cards after which we proceeded to go into the treatment room and give each other a healing. We take turns so each time there’s one person on the table and two are working with energy. As always I was feeling insecure before we started but I’m used to that now. I started out on the table but my session was short; both my partners felt a high energy that pushed them away and they felt they had to stop – so they did.

The next person lied down on the table and as I was preparing\centering my self to commence I saw myself before my mind’s eye growing bigger and bigger , feeling stronger and stronger. I suspected it was going to be an intense session. I usually start with purifying the subject’s energy body – if I feel I have permission – using my spirit guides and St. Germaine’s Violet Flame energy. I got a clear feeling of permission so I gently grabbed the sides of her head and started flooding her with Violet Flame energy. It was very powerful and before my mind’s eye her body was fizzing and sparking with a fire-like intensity. The Raven skull I took with me also was in the room and prior to the session I had invited it to join. I very briefly saw it pecking away at the subject’s body, making visible what was hidden to her. This flow kept up for a while and I got the thought that is was a bit much but I felt I had to go on and push through now. After some time the image of the process in my head started fading so I knew it was done. Then I saw a white angel descending and I put my right index- and middle finger on her forehead to let the angel’s bright white energy flow into her. I knew that this was to soften what just happened, like an ointment to treat a burn. I let the bright white energy flow for a while until that image too faded. At this point I had a pretty worked-up feeling so I figured some grounding would be good. I walked over to her feet, grabbed them and grounded myself in the Earth. Excess energy flowed away and a calm feeling returned after a short while so I stopped. Funny thing is that the person reported afterwards that, when I touched her forehead, she thought the sun had come through the clouds because she saw light from behind her closed eyelids. This didn’t happen though, it was cloudy throughout the session.

When I started treating the next person and went about to sanitize her energy body, the Violet energy had a liquid-like quality instead of a firy one. I was standing by her feet with my hands on them. I felt I had to fill her energy body with this liquid as if it were a container, so that impurities may gradually soak off and may be seen. After some time she was ‘full’ and I switched to Shamballa energy. I turned the palms of my hands towards her and I saw the image of the Shamballa energy making waves in the liquid, helping to soak off what needs to be transformed. I saw the Raven pecking at her belly button, no idea why. After the session the liquid Violet energy remained in her body so I suspect some things may come to the surface in the time to come.

In the evening a family member was complaining about some aches so I gave her a treatment in my own room. Again I started out with a cleaning session using the Violet Flame energy but it didn’t feel like it was working, it felt blocked or there was resistance. It made me wonder what to do, should I stop? Instead I decided to increase power. The Violet energy turned to white as ‘I’ increased the frequency (no idea how, purely by intention I guess. Lately I’m imagining the I Am presence as the director of the session, because I know that I personally am not capable to understand this energy work.) I kept going up with the frequency until it felt like things were opening up but by then the energy felt cold and hard. When I felt like things got moving somewhat I switched to Shamballa because I felt I had been using some strong force and a dose of warm TLC was needed so I concluded the session by involving the Shamballa family and flooding her with positive energy. Every individual session today took about 15 minutes.

I’m thankful to have had these opportunities to practice today and it feels like this is what I want to do. I’ll be looking for ways to make this a bigger part of my life .


Today I had a small Shamballa gathering where we talk and practice Shamballa on each other. We take turns lying down on the table and the other three perform a joint healing. Last Tuesday at another Shamballa gathering my energy felt quite powerful but today was even stronger. When I was working on the last person (3rd) I wasn’t allowed to flush her energy body using the Violet Flame so I found myself wondering what to do next? I thought of my higher self and decided that it’s not my problem; you figure it out. So the thought arose to grab her feet and gently push them a bit apart and I did that. Following that the image came to mind of a big column of bright white light coming down on me and going into the person through my arms. It was very powerful and I saw\imagined sparks flying off the stream of energy. This continued for some time and meanwhile I was wondering where all this energy was going but I figured that wasn’t my problem. When the stream subsided I felt a bit worked up and I imagined the person must be feeling the same, so I grounded myself and let the energy level out with the Earth. This took a bit of time and the other two persons were already finished but I continued until it felt right. The person on the table felt it was a strong healing and the other people around the table also had the impression that it was strong.

So in my car on the way home I noticed that I was a bit proud of my strong energy. I realized this was not right as it is not my energy. I don’t even really know what I’m doing. It all works best if I, Dennis, step aside and just let it all happen. My Higher Self and other beings work with the energy through me. If any credit is to be given to Dennis, it’s for learning to step aside and not interfere.

Evening meditation

I visited the trees in the park again tonight. It was a beautiful evening and I enjoyed being there. I attempted to channel something for myself but I had no burning questions. I talked into my phone but I felt I was making up the words myself. I suspect it helps to have a clear pointed question in your mind when doing this. The absence of a clear question combined with a lack of trust that I could do it again made it a ‘failure’. I expected this and I know I have to keep practicing. Two days ago things happened kind of spontaneous and now that I want to do it again it feels forced and it won’t work. I will keep working on it because I feel this is important and will bring me closer to my true nature.

At home I followed up with a Light meditation. This didn’t feel very lively, it’s just one of those days. Better luck tomorrow.