Healing session

Today I did a session on a family member, in spite of my mind saying that I’m in no condition to do so, I’m not in the right mood. I ignored that and did it anyway. I put on some Koshi bell music and followed my usual routine. It was very uneventful for me, but afterwards the ‘client’ reported a lot of tingling at the crown of the head and in the hands and feet. I’m glad I did it, it shows me that the persona is not doing the healing and it does not really matter how I feel before or after the session.

Afterwards I put on the *really* interesting documentary on Netflix called ‘Heal‘ which is about the different kinds of alternative medicine. It shows me again how important it is to keep a positive mindset, I just wish that wasn’t so difficult right now.

Shamballa night

I just returned from a Shamballa gathering. Before I went I was feeling very insecure because I haven’t practiced in a while and frankly I think I’m no good at it. Lately I was even considering stopping entirely with all energy-related practices and focusing on non-duality. But because I feel this insecurity everytime before I go to a Shamballa evening I just set that thought aside and I went , making sure that I went without any expectations: anything is okay.

It was good to see 4 men and 4 women, usually I’m outnumbered by women. All faces were new except one woman I met before.

We did the usual program; a meditation or two, followed by a group healing. After that we formed couples and practiced healing on each other. The woman I was with layed down first and I began to do my thing.

I asked her higher self for permission to clean her energy body and then asked help from my guides and st.Germain. I grounded myself and put my hands on the side of her head. I visualized the Violet energy flowing through her body, clearing out blockages and impurities. When that was done I walked around her and wanted to go to her hands, but I didn’t because they were covered by the blanket she was under; I like skin contact. I couldn’t sense what else to do, so I lightly grabbed her feet and waited what the energy wanted to do; either flow into the body or out. At first it was out so I did that, letting excess energy flow into the Earth. Then it turned around and I was pumping green energy into her. When that flow stopped I walked to her head and started circulating Earth energy through her head ; up through the left leg and into the head via my left arm , then back to the Earth though my right arm and leg. A short time later I reversed the direction.

After the session she said she had felt tension flow out of her body and her wrist joints didn’t hurt anymore (she has rheumatism). Also, when I touched her head , she felt a sense of calm coming over her. It’s always surprising how these women feel exactly what I do while I myself don’t.

When she treated me my arm started hurting pretty bad , for the rest there was nothing to report. But, for me it is usual to get energy sensations at night after such a session so we’ll see.

Another woman wanted my email address because she liked my energy.
No idea what she wants with it but we’ll see.. (It surely wasn’t about my looks 😉) I intend to follow the flow of events as much as I dare without questioning it and see where it takes me.

I’m glad I went and it looks like I’ve made some new contacts as well.


About once a month I attend a small gathering of people who attended the NPDMT (Shamballa) course as I did. Today was such a gathering at my home. One person couldn’t make it so there were only three of us. We chatted and did the Metta meditation together which was nice. We then collectively sent Shamballa to a person in distress using a photo. After that we gave each other a Shamballa treatment. I had no insights or surprising sensations, the only thing was that with one person I was working at the head and my hands got warm, and I moved to the feet and my hands got cold, while she reported afterwards that she felt my hands were cold at her head and warm at her feet.

I need to practice this more often. I still haven’t executed my plan to put up a note a the supermarket to invite people to come for a healing but that will come. All in due time.

Energy session

This evening I did a healing session on my wife. It had been quite a while since my last session. I put on some nice gong sounds and stood by the head end of the massage table. I asked archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. I waited a few seconds and asked my wife’s higher self for permission to work on her energy body. I got a positive feeling so I proceeded and asked st.Germain and my guides for help. I put my hands on the sides of her head and imagined Violet energy streaming through my arms into her body. I imagined the energy transmuting negative energy into white light, releasing negative entities and sending them to the light and releasing blockages. When I got the impression that was done I started the Shamballa session. I walked around her with my hands over her looking for clues what to do but got nothing. I still have to learn doing this intuitively. I know I can do it, I did it in the past. When I’m not trying I seem to ‘know’ what to do, but how do you try not to try 🤔. I just continued imagining the energy flowing and focused on my breath but all this took too long and the energy was gone. No problem, I was happy to be practicing again. I thanked everyone for the help and ended the session.

Afterwards I continued with a loving kindness meditation I still had in my favourites but this one I don’t like anymore so after I finished it I removed it from my favourites.

Healing session

I just did a healing session on my daughter. Yesterday I gave her a olivine bracelet which I put on her heart chakra to be cleaned and charged during the session. I put on some singing bowl music and started with asking archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. When I felt the change in the room I asked permission from her higher self to clean her energy body. I did not get a clear positive or negative feeling so I assumed a yes. I asked st. Germain for his Violet flame energy and asked for assistance from my guides . I then put my hands on the sides of her head and imagined the Violet energy flowing into her through my arms, while the Guides removed foreign and negative energies. This took unusually long. Normally after 1 or 2 minutes this action starts feeling useless at which point I stop, but this did not happen now. I spent a few more minutes doing this and then I stopped. , thanking st Germain and the Guides for the help. Then I grounded myself in the Earth and started circulating Earth energy through the head, this has a calming effect on the client. Next it was Shamballa On. (No details on that phase to respect her privacy.) After about 10 minutes I sat down to meditate the remainder of the session to allow her to rest while the energy continues to work. I felt peaceful and could sense the presence of energy in the room.

Afterwards she told me she felt heat where I was working, and the bracelet felt cold on her heart. The whole session took about 30 minutes.

Healing session

Today I did an energy healing session on my spouse on her request.
I immediately feel resistance , like ‘I’m not ready’ , ‘I don’t feel like it’, ‘I’m no good at it’ and other reasons to decline. It’s fear , but fear of what? I ignore it and we go upstairs to the treatment room I reserved for this purpose. I meditate in that room and I have a treatment table set up there. She layed down on the table and I put on some nice ambient sounds , she likes that and it also helps me to get in the mood. I stood behind her and asked archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. I felt a difference. I always start by purifying the energy body of the client so I asked the higher self of the client for permission to do so. I got a positive feeling so I interpreted that as a yes. I asked St.Germain for some violet flame energy and my spirit guides for help cleaning the energy body. I grounded myself by growing roots from my feet into mother earth. I connected my crown with Source. Then I let the violet flame energy of St.Germain flow through my arms into the client while the spirit guides also worked on the energy body.I saw the energy body light up in my mind’s eye. Removed bad energies by sending them to the light and removed foreign energies by sending them back to the original owner. When it felt like this stage was done I thanked everyone that assisted and continued with the actual healing. Before I started the Shamballa energy I placed my hands on the sides of the head of the client and imagined that polluted energy flows from the head through my left hand and leg into the earth where it was cleaned and flowed back up through my right leg and arm into the other side of the head. Then I did the reverse. This has a calming effect on the client. Then it was time to let the Shamballa energy flow , starting at the head. I tried to let the energy guide me. Sometimes I feel what to do , most of the time not. I always try not to control what I’m doing , let the energy move and do what it wants. I walked around the table scanning over her body with my hands , waiting for hints what I could do. No hints received. I continued doing this until it started to feel ‘dead’, like it’s useless to continue. The whole process took about 15 minutes. Then I sat down and meditated for 15 minutes while my wife enjoyed the relaxing ambient sounds. This felt very nice and centered.