Evening meditation

I sat for 45 minutes in my meditation room, trying to stay with the breath. Focus was loose, and mind wandered quite a bit. Then I thought about the channeling session and how they told me St.Germain is my master teacher.

What a ‘coincidence’ it is that he is the only Ascended Master I have ever worked with… I always use his Violet Flame energy to cleanse people’s energy bodies and my own…

So during this meditation I decided to integrate a Violet flame meditation. It felt very good.

Thank you St.Germain.

Evening meditation

This evening I sat in my meditation room on my seiza bench for about 45 minutes. I wanted to calm the mind so I stayed with the breath while monitoring thoughts/sensations. It calmed me down quite a bit and after 20 minutes or so I felt calm enough to try some MCO activity. I focused on the navel and this felt good and produced some warmth, but mind did start wandering again so it was on and off.

Evening meditation

Just tried to stay with the breath for an hour in search for some peace and calm. Arm is giving me a hard time again, changing positions all the time to find a posture that didn’t hurt. Couldn’t complete the hour and stopped at 52 minutes.

No MCO today. I’ll probably stop doing that for a while , working with energy requires relaxation and that’s not going to happen now.