Light Meditation

I did a Light meditation again at work. I was a bit cranky because things weren’t going very smooth at work and it got on my nerves. This meditation however lifted my mood. Again I got the tingles coming up the sides of my torso and I felt a subtle loving presence. Also , my body got really bright this time, before my mind’s eye. It did it on its own it seems. Nice.

Morning meditation

Yet another Light meditation. What can I say, they just feel good 🙂. The first 5 minutes I try to stay with the I Am feeling, which is a slippery state but very good to do.

This time there was this wave of tingles again at the moment where I start to infuse the body with the Light, and again where I whisper the decree at the end. Also, during the last phase, tingles rose up along the sides of my body, I’ve learned to associate that with a visitor. I felt this sense that someone loving was with me. I don’t know who it was, but I returned the love and that was nice. Feeling love in my heart is hard for me and I treasure these occasions.

Light meditation

I did an extra Light meditation at work just now. It was stronger this time; at the moment where I start to let the light infuse my body a wave of tingles came over my body and there was a presence in it for the remainder of the session. It was similar to the feeling the Violet Flame meditation gives me sometimes. Also there was some discomfort in the heart area and short sting-like headaches came by. Headaches are very rare for me. I just let everything be and the image of light pervading my body was stronger and brighter than before.
The discomfort in the heart area may be caused by a new stone I’m wearing; it’s a rather big pendant made of Charoite:

I may have to shorten the necklace because now it’s resting between the heart and the solar plexus. I bought it because I think it’s just gorgeous and the color resonates with the Violet Flame and Saint Germain. Purple/Violet has been my favorite color all my life.

On the bike

This morning I was happy to ride my bicycle again to work for the first time in quite a while. I listened to the Fred Davis course while riding and the sense of observing What Is was strengthened by it, you look at the world Through your senses instead of As your senses, big difference. The body is an apparatus with sensors that enable your soul\the universe\oneness (take your pick) to experience itself. You are the awareness that is aware of this sensory input. That is why it is key to be aware of being aware.

Evening meditation

This night I went to bed early and did my Light meditation in bed after a little reading in ‘Unveiled Mysteries’, which worked fine. The Light meditations in themselves aren’t very eventful but they do seem to influence my mood during the day in a good way, so I might log more ‘mood-o-meter’s in the time to come.

Evening meditation

Tonight I sat down in my meditation room and I decided to continue listening to the video course by Fred Davis because at the point where I was at there is a guided meditation that attempts to show you your true nature. The first time I heard this I could sense he was right but it didn’t really ‘click’, but it strengthened my ability to observe What Is. So now I listened to that meditation/exercise again and it had the same effect, it really is good. I’ll listen to it some more in the time to come. After that I went to bed and did another Light meditation.

Microcosmic Orbit

I just did a short 10-minute Microcosmic Orbit at work. I don’t know if these short sessions do anything for me but I don’t have time for longer ones now. There was some warmth and a feeling of presence going around though, along with the usual pressure at the 3rd eye.
Funny detail: I noticed the time was 11:11 when I started the meditation, and exactly 11:11 had passed when I stopped…