This excerpt from ‘Journey of your Soul’ is interesting because it describes exactly what I’m doing. I’m just experimenting, trying to get my fantasy going until it gets a life of it’s own and then I see what I get.

I also see what has been blocking me in the past. For one I adopted the habit in meditation of dropping every thought as an unwelcome distraction, without evaluating it’s contents. This blocks any channeling because as far as I understand now, it is the enitity’s thoughts that pop up in your mind and translating them to words is still the channel’s job it seems. Also I do a lot of visualisations. Maintaining a visual image before my mind’s eye also blocks fantasy and leaves no room for spontaneous input. So what I do now is to meditate for some time to quiet the mind and body and then try to channel by just starting some dialog out loud and seeing what happens.

Evening meditation

I don’t know why I’m not posting a lot lately, I just don’t feel like it. Maybe I’m a bit too occupied with my mind, which is busy presenting me with all kinds of fear. I’m constantly anxious and most of the time in a bit of a dark mood. Anyways, tonight I didn’t do a Light meditation but I just sat on my cushion in my meditation room. A pressure accumulated that I felt over my whole body, like being a few meters under water but without the wetness or cold. It was somewhat pleasant. Also I channeled I bit for myself which seemed to go okay but I didn’t get anything spectacular. Not that it should be spectacular every time.


In the book ‘Hands of Light’ the writer, Barbara Brennan, devotes a lot of time to describing detailed diagnosis of the states of a person’s chakras. This is very rare information and what’s also very interesting is that she’s not using her advanced senses for the diagnosis but a beechwood pendulum. She describes the different movements the pendulum can make and what that means so anyone can do this with practice. A beechwood pendulum is hard to find and will cost about 30 euros which I find a bit steep. Being the cheapskate that I am, I went to the handy store and got a beechwood doorknob and attached a string to it. It feels nicely balanced so now I can practice.

Journey of your soul

I’m reading this book by Shepherd Hoodwin and I have a hard time putting it down. At this rate I’ll have finished it by the end of this week… The book is primarily about the Michael Teachings, but it also covers a lot of ground on the practice of channeling. Lots of information on the different realms, entities and the practicalities of channeling. Very interesting.

Evening meditation

I’ve been a bit lazy with posting on this site. It’s not that there was nothing to post, but somehow I didn’t think of it.

A few days ago, during my evening meditation, I tried to channel again and it seems I made contact with my Task Companion , Eliyah. I asked some questions, got no answers or answers that I didn’t particularly like. Asked a question for a friend too, got another answer I didn’t like. Life gives you what you need, not what you want.

Again I doubt myself and whether this is all me fooling myself but by now I’ve seen too much to simply dismiss it all as fantasy. If I just keep practicing then there will be enough material to start validating and we’ll see then. I just started reading ‘Journey of your Soul’ by Shepherd Hoodwin which is primarily about the Michael Teachings but the subject of channeling is also prominent so we’ll see what we learn.

So the past few days the meditations were dull, but tonight it felt lively again. Spending half an hour to quiet mind and body before I start the Light meditation works well. The body felt quite energetic today and there was a lot of pressure in the head again as I tried to flood the brain with white light and balance my left and right brain.

Evening meditation

Normally I do a Light meditation in the morning and I try to do one at work too but today was too busy. This evening I started with about 30 minutes of breath meditation and being aware of sensations. I also focused on not trying to create my experience but just letting things be as they are. It felt nice and my body was buzzing with subtle tingles and vibes. When I started the Light meditation the vibes got stronger and a pressure-like feeling developed in my head which I usually only have with strong energies. I could feel it in my body too. At the end of the meditation, where I pronounce the affirmations, waves of tingles crept over my body which was quite pleasant. I hope I didn’t charge myself too much for sleep…

Evening meditation

Tonight I started out with 30 minutes of breath meditation to get centered and then I started my Light session which felt nice and quite strong. I could feel the energy swirling in my body and it had the healing quality to it that I sometimes feel. I finished up with a 10-minute Violet Flame meditation which also felt good.