Busy times

I just finished my evening meditation. At 40 minutes it was relatively short but that’s because I already try to do a 10-minute Maitreya meditation everyday at 7pm and a 15-minute Shamballa meditation every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm. Add a daily morning and evening meditation and it gets a busy schedule 🙂.

Tonight I started with a Loving-kindness meditation which I more or less chose randomly. I felt I could use some softening up because all the fear, discomfort and stress around me is making me ‘hard’. It was effective and I finished off with a Light meditation (what else) which felt good too. I really felt my heart center opening up a bit.

May all beings be healthy and compassionate 🍀

Evening meditation

Tonight’s meditation was full of mind wandering so in that perspective it wasn’t very interesting. During the phase where I try settle the mind I thought of an old friend as happens frequently. A sense of joy\love\gratitude came over me which didn’t feel like it was mine. It came, lasted for a minute or two and then dissipated, followed by a sense of merging. That was new…

After that I continued with my light meditation. Mind wandering continued but that was okay. The meditation felt strong nevertheless and as I do every time now I dedicated the last few minutes to sending light to the entire planet. It felt strong enough even without a stable focus.

Evening meditation

I’m not posting as much as I usually do which is probably a shame because there is a lot going on for everybody right now. It’s heart warming to see that, between all this fear and suffering , many people also seem to unite and help each other in all kinds of ways.

I’m working at home now, fortunately I have a job that allows for that. I’m also glad that so far my family is healthy. The need to stay at home does frustrate however and tonight we had an argument with one of our teenage kids that left me very angry and disappointed. I’m glad I managed to respond in a balanced way, expressing my feelings instead of going into full attack. This was just before my evening meditation so I was still very much worked up when I sat down. The first 30 minutes were intended to calm the mind but of course it kept going back to the argument. When I started my light meditation I calmed down however and at the end of that I was completely softened up and sending love and compassion to all humans. I visualized a network of lights surrounding the Earth, beaming down light and love. I could really feel the love which was surprising, especially for me. It’s remarkable how strong this light meditation is, considering the mood I started out with.

May you all be healthy and compassionate 🌸

Evening meditation

Every morning and evening I do a light meditation and recently I try to send that light to all humans too.

Tonight I finished that up with a Violet Flame meditation and when I started that I thought of bathing the whole planet in Violet fire. I realized that there’s no limit to what I can do so I just did it – and it felt very good.

Evening meditation

I started with a 30-minute vipassana meditation to quiet the mind. This worked okay. The meditation was very good, but my mind was overly active with all this crazy stuff going on in the world. Still, it helped to regain some calm. After that I did a light meditation, in which I recently devote light to the world as well because it can use all the healing it can get. This evening the light felt strong again and gave me waves of tingles all over. When I switched the focus from myself to the world the light turned into virus antibodies and I showered the world in that, eradicating the virus but at the same time thanking it for the wake-up call it is giving humanity.

Morning meditation

Light meditation.
First I flooded my body with white light which gave me tingles all over. This happens s lot lately.
Then I started to combine it with shamballa and sent it first to all beings on Earth and then to all forms of consciousness. I rose up into the sky as a ball of light so that I could shine the light directly over the area where I live. I envisioned it being so bright it was visible from space. Then I saw more and more of those lights emerging until the whole Earth was covered with light. Then I let the intensity of my light grow and I imagined it being visible trough the whole universe. It was quite intense. Then I reduced the light and let it flow through my body again, balancing the brain.

Evening meditation

Lately the fear surrounding the pandemic is getting more grip on me. Each time I feel something unusual in my body the first thought that arises is that it may be the virus at work. I realize that it’s important not to feed this with my attention and stay positive instead. Also my mind goes rampant with scenarios to what this pandemic is going to cause in this world as secondary effects, which doesn’t help either. Luckily so far all my family members and loved ones seem not infected.

So tonight I dedicated my meditation time to a basic breath meditation to quiet the mind and get centered again, which worked nicely. In fact, after 40 minutes or so I felt slightly detached from my experience again and felt a pleasant buzzing throughout my body. It had a healing quality to it so I decided to send that energy to the souls of all sentient brings on the planet, amplifying it with shamballa. It felt good.

May all beings be healthy and strong 🙏