Awaken Now!

For those who want to be guided to experience the Sense of Being as Fred Davis calls it , I’d like to recommend his book ‘Awaken Now!’- especially the spoken version on Audible. It basically is a recording of an awakening session. The audiobook can be accessed here for free if you start a trial month of Audible. It’s total length is about three and a half hours. I listened to all of it in an extended meditation and I found it *really* good.

Awaken NOW Audiobook By Fred Davis cover art
go for it!


a quote from Fred Davis:

Truth #1: we make stuff up in our heads.

Truth #2: we believe the stuff we make up.

Truth #3: we suffer because we believe the stuff we make up.

Truth #4: we go on a spiritual path because we suffer from believing the stuff we made up.