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I would like to share an older but important post on the website of Fred Davis.
It explains what you can do to wake up and – more importantly- clear up.

Have a look and I hope it will be of benefit to you.

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Be Well 🌺

The Absolute and the Relative

I found that one of the difficult things to get comfortable with is the contrast between the viewpoint of the Absolute and the viewpoint of the Relative.
All kinds of drama can be going on in Life but how does that relate to the also present viewpoint of the Absolute? When I have a big problem I could say ‘There’s no Dennis so to whom is this happening?’.
This is dismissive of life and it doesn’t feel right, even though I know that it’s the truth.
The key is to accept that both viewpoints are valuable in their own way and they co-exist , even when they feel conflicting. The mind doesn’t like these paradoxes but it’s still possible to get comfortable with it.

Fred Davis always says that things in life count, but ultimately they don’t matter.
You can read his take on it here:

Be well 🌺


In the private session I just had with Fred Davis I addressed with him a list of words that sometimes confuse me. I asked Fred to validate this list because I can get confused during Satsang about their exact meaning.
The words within each list don’t exactly mean the same but they can be logically grouped together and are definitely NOT the same as the words in the other list – that’s what’s important here.

List 1: True Nature
the Absolute
Witnessing (as a process, so without an actual witness)
God (tricky one…)

List 2: the Dream
I Am

May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you know Truth.


This video is a recording of a free Satsang session Fred Davis held recently. In the first ~30 minutes Fred has a dialog with a woman that is nothing short of an awakening session, I highly recommend listening to the exchange between Fred and Margaret.