Microcosmic Orbit #19

I just did my 19th MCO.
Contracting my pelvic floor muscles at the outbreath has become almost automatic so that gives me room to change other details of the meditation.
In previously sessions I would breathe in the energy into the energyball from outside my body directly to where the ball is at that moment.
What I learned from the book of Yang Jwing-Ming is that it is better to let the energy enter through the 3rd eye to the center of my brain and let it follow the path to the energyball along the points as depicted here:

It makes the meditation more complex again and will take a few sessions to get used to.
The last few sessions there is a sense of subtle heat around my sacral chakra and lower Dantian. Also there is strong pressure around my 3rd eye but that is standard for me when I do any meditation.
I don’t feel energy movement yet except when the ball moves from the crown to the 3rd eye , there the ball gets ‘sticky’ and it is difficult to move it to the throat.

Book of Mastery

I’m currently listening to the audio version of this book.
It feels like this is the book I needed at this time , it resonates so much with me. I listen to it while riding by bicycle to work and it touches me deeply.
It seems like all aspects of my spiritual path so far come together in this book and are put together like pieces of a puzzle.
The way I came to know about this book is also very ‘coincidental’.I use the excellent Insight Timer app which also has social capabilities so you can make friend relationships. I have 89 ‘friends’ but I never correspond with them other than the usual ‘thanks for meditating with me’ messages. Lately however I feel like doing new things to open possibilities in my life. One friend (an African lady) caught my eye because I noticed something in her profile information. I asked her a question and she answered it.
Additionally , out of the blue , she told me about this book.
I am grateful for it.

Microcosmic Orbit #18

I’m practicing the Microcosmic Orbit (MCO) , a Taoist meditation to accumulate Qi and allow it to flow through your body.
My intention is to do this for 100 consecutive days and see what happens. The goal is to increase the level of energy and develop a sense for that energy. Today I did the 18th session.
I have been warned not to do it for more than 10 minutes per day , right now I’m at 19 minutes. I have had some pretty strong mood swings but now I’m okay , feeling good.
I use the audio from this YouTube video.

This is how a session goes:
(The breating method I currently use is Taoist belly breating. When breathing in (slow and deep), only the belly expands – not the chest. At the out breath , the muscles in the pelvic floor are slightly contracted and the belly is allowed to return.)
I start by asking guidance from my Higher Self and focus on my belly , the area behind my belly button. I image a ball of energy there. As I inhale in sync with the audio , I imagine as lively as I can that love/light/qi/energy is flowing into my belly. I imagine the ball getting brighter as it accumulates energy. When I breathe out , I move the energy ball to the next spot as indicated in the video. Then , at the next inbreath , I draw energy into that spot and repeat the process.

I intend to switch to another Taoist breathing technique when I am completely comfortable with the current method.

Today I noticed that , when drawing energy into my body in a certain spot , say the 3rd eye (forehead) , I visualized this spot in my mind’s eye and pictured that energy flowing into that spot. I realized this is not optimal. I changed that and instead of picturing the body part in my mind , I moved my attention to the actual physical spot in my body where it is happening. This made it a lot more ‘alive’.

There are no strong energy sensations yet when I do this excercise , but sometimes there are subtle ones. I will give it time and try not to start the session with expectations.

Hello World

My first post…how to begin?

This blog is a way for me to keep track of my spiritual path. Writing down what I do and learn helps me remember what I’m doing and why , and if someone out there thinks this is worth reading then that’s a bonus – but I’m okay with an audience of one.

No point re-iterating what has happened the last few years , it’s too much. Instead , I’m going to shortly explain what I’m practicing right now and what I’m interested in.
My spiritual path started out with in 2014 with a Vipassana meditation retreat. Vipassana still is an important part of my practice.

About a year ago I was introduced to the world of working with light , love and energy. This opened a whole new world for me that I’m still getting used to because it also involves balancing the rational mind (left brain) with the intuitive mind (right brain). Now I’m learning to feel instead of intellectualize. I have already seen that there are realities that the right brain can directly Know that the left brain cannot understand.

I also did a course on energy healing which I plan to bring into practice.

Energy work can be supported by working with crystals , another area where I’m trying to develop myself. I always liked crystals for their looks and colours , but now I want to learn about their energetic properties too.

There is much more to be said , but I will explain stuff as the need presents itself in my day-to-day reports.