I want to share something funny that happened last night.

I was in the living room and I saw a rat running into the hallway that leads to the toilet and bathroom. I got up and while crouched, I quietly sneaked towards to the hallway. I could hear a noise coming from the sink. I was low to the floor so I slowly rose up to see what was going on in the sink, expecting to see the rat. As I looked over the edge I saw that there was no rat but the sink was filled with cats stacked on each other, just chilling and enjoying the dripping faucet. I was now standing up and when I looked down I saw three seriously large cats sprawled on the floor around my feet. One had markings like a leopard, one like a tiger and the third one had wolf-like fur and colours. ‘This is too weird, it must be a dream’ I thought. Since I have been engaged with lucid dreaming in the past I know how to do reality-checks so I did that; I tried to push the index finger of my right hand through the palm of my left hand. There was some resistance but it went through. ‘This is a dream!’ Knowing I was going to wake up any second I threw myself on the large cats to cuddle them and then I woke up. Fun stuff 🙂

Less funny was the state I woke up in; typical flu-like symptoms. We’ll see how that develops.


I’m listening to this very interesting audiobook on Shamanism while riding my bicycle to work and I’d like to share a small passage of it because it made me laugh.

The writer was explaining how important it is to use clear and unambigious wording when requesting anything from the spiritual realms.
She mentioned two examples.

She was at a conference on Shamanism where she spoke, and after her appearance she was approached by a woman and a man. The woman explained that she in the past had expressed her wish to the spirit guides that she wanted to marry a rich man. It was with a smile on her face that she proceeded to introduce her husband Rich, who happened to be a poor man.

The second example was a man who expressed the wish to open his heart. Of course this was only figuratively speaking, but he underwent open heart surgery some time later.