Healing session

This evening I did a healing session for an acquaintance. She’s a woman I know from the shamballa gatherings and we did a ceremony together once. It seems we also have shared previous lives. I offered her a healing session some time ago and recently this resulted in an actual appointment. Of course I was looking forward to it but I also felt insecure. It has been a while since I did any energy work at home. But I also was looking forward to it because I’ve been wanting to practice more and learn to use crystals during the session. So this evening she arrived and after we chatted a bit we went upstairs to my room. She layed down on the table and I played some nice koshi bells music to get us in the mood. I’m not going into all the details but I put gemstones on all the chakras: Jasper at the root for grounding, rose quartz at the sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat. An aquamarine on the third eye (that works really well!). Finally another rose quartz at the crown. Then I sat down for a few minutes to calm the mind and get focused. I started with holding her head and just making contact. I felt a lot of tension and I let it flow to the earth. Then I used some Violet energy, did some brain balancing and used shamballa. I also used two crystal wands to clean her chakras, something I recently saw in a video. It was fun to do. I spent almost an hour in total. It probably was a healing for both of us because I felt it too, it was nice. It was very good practice and I believe that it even was the first time that someone not from my family was on my table… Hopefully more opportunities will present themselves.

Centrum Elize

Yesterday my partner and me visited Centrum Elize for an energetic massage. We found this through an ad on Social Deal. It sparked our interest and we went to try it. We loved it. Els is a lovely empathic woman and she takes her time with her clients. We booked two subsequent 75-minute sessions but she took all morning. I connected with two friendly cows outside and enjoyed a walk along the canal while my partner lay on the table. While she performs her massage she also works with energy and interprets the signals from the body. She will start a personal dialog with you if you want to. It was a special experience and is highly recommended.


Yesterday I had a decent evening meditation. I went upstairs to my room and the moment I had installed myself and I picked up my phone in order to start an email arrived saying Fred Davis has just uploaded a video. I saw it was a guided meditation and I decided to just follow the suggestion and started it. It was a fine meditation and it put me in a pleasant state where I was more or less aware of the Observer. I remained seated like that for 30 more minutes.

After the meditation it was midnight but I wasn’t tired at all and I knew that going to bed was useless, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Instead I decided to go to the forest. I walked to the bench that is at the open space with my favorite tree. It wasn’t cold and the sky was clear. I sat on the bench and just looked at the stars. After a while I channeled some material for myself (nothing new, just that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself and cut myself some slack from time to time) but I don’t know where\whom that was coming from. Could as well be myself. I lied down on the bench for a while and went home to sleep. It was now 01:15.

When I woke up this morning I felt funny; I felt strong emotion in my heart area that I interpreted as longing, but I wasn’t really identified with it. It was just there and I kept my attention on it and let it flow because it had a healing quality to it. I tried to keep my heart open by doing nothing with it. It seemed to flow between my heart, solar plexus and stomach. It just kept going and eventually I had to get up to do my morning meditation. The feeling subsided somewhat but returned during the meditation. A scene suddenly popped up in my head and I saw soil before me covered with leaves from the trees. I was kneeled and on my lap rested the head and shoulders of a person who was dead. I think it was a female and she was dressed like a house maiden would be in the 1700’s.

The flow of emotion felt like grief now. I let it flow and observed while something of a storyline developed. She had made a mistake in the past and had now sacrificed herself to make up for that, but since I loved her the sacrifice caused me great pain. As I sat there holding her I started to give her (and me in the scene) shamballa, light and love and intended to forgive her. I don’t know if it was sufficient but there was a lot of light. The flow has not stopped yet and continues while I write this.

Online Shamballa

This evening I had an online Shamballa session with friends. Since it was a Thursday and we do a shamballa meditation each Tuesday and Thursday for the benefit of Corona victims we discussed doing a guided meditation for that purpose. We couldn’t think of a guided meditation to use. I volunteered to provide guidance off-hand, even though I felt very insecure about that. For about 10 minutes I provided a visualization, I just said what surfaced in my mind without thinking about it too much. It worked very well and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

After that one of the participants had to leave because she didn’t feel so well. Three of us remained and after some chitchat we gave each other a healing. This went very well too and there were some striking similarities between our experiences. Next time will be an online session too but hopefully after that we can start doing in-person sessions again.

Shamballa Online

Last Tuesday I participated in an experimental online Shamballa group session. I helped set it up technically and I grew more and more anxious in the days leading up to the event because I very much wanted it to work. Not only in a technical sense but also I hoped that people would be comfortable with working remotely as opposed to up close in person. Also I had no idea of the interest for this in the Shamballa family and I had no idea what activities the host was planning to do.
When we were setting up the equipment for the event technology failed me of course but luckily I had some spare time and 5 minutes before the go-live everything worked. Phew.
We started the session with 13 people, so that’s 10 external participants. About halfway the session a 14th person joined. I know of one person who wanted to join but was unable to at the last moment, so I’d say there was more than enough interest.
The host started out with a guided meditation (of which I didn’t hear much because I was still too tense and monitoring the session for problems). Already at the start of the session I felt there was a lot of strong energy in the group and I felt cold. Shivers and trembles went over my body and I wondered if the room had gotten cold.
I believe he followed that meditation up with picking an energy card from a deck and holding that up to the camera for a group healing. At this point I was getting more at ease. Then we performed a joint Shamballa healing to support de fearful,sick and lonely people on the globe, supported by the Shamballa family, St.Germain and I believe Mother Maria. This was nice but I still wasn’t fully relaxed because I had to divide my attention between the healing and the technical aspects of the session. Also mind wandered quite a bit but still it felt like a powerful session.
After a short break we were divided up in groups of three and in timeslots of 5 minutes 1 member of the group receives a healing from the other two members. After about 15 minutes everyone had had a turn and there was a feedback round for each person to have an opportunity to share about the session. This worked fine and experiences were comparable to being physically together. I already noticed this because I have done remote sessions before, but still I prefer being with the ‘target’ in the same room.

After all this there was another round of general feedback about the online session and responses were very positive. The concensus was that it can’t fully replace an in-person session but that being impossible , this way is th enext best thing. Also, it’s a learning experience for people who have never done this remotely.

As someone said to me once ; Space isn’t what divides us, it’s what connects us.

I’m very happy with the results and having been able to help this beautiful community. I’m looking forward to the next session which will be held 2-4 weeks from now.

Thanks to all who participated and stay strong!


Together with three other people I usually have a shamballa gathering about once a month. Yesterday evening we did this online, due to the Corona limitations. I was not sure what to expect but I thought it would be a good test for the upcoming larger, more formal online shamballa gathering on the 12th of may.

Of course things don’t work the same compared to being together in the same room, so it takes some getting used to. Normally we would chat a bit, pick some cards from a deck and do a healing on each other and I was curious how this would work in a video meeting. I wasn’t disappointed . Chatting is different because in a session like this it doesn’t work if you keep interrupting each other, but once people learn to only interrupt by exception it works fine. Picking cards was okay too, one person picked the cards for the others and read them out loud. It should make no difference if I pick my card myself or someone else does it for me. Finally we did the healings. As usual we took turns in which one received a healing from the other three. What was funny was that even though we usually work with our eyes closed we all finished within 10 seconds of each other and the person receiving the the energy opens his/her eyes at the same time with no signal being given. This happens when we’re in the same room and now also online. We also noticed that the healing was a lot faster; two or three minutes per session. Our experiences in receiving and giving healing online were similar to doing it in person. All in all it worked fine and even though I still prefer being with persons in the same room this worked quite well.

Looking forward to the session on the 12 to of may!

Evening meditation

Today is a Thursday so at 8pm I went upstairs to do a shamballa meditation.

Mind wandered a lot but that’s okay. After that 15-minute session I decided to offer somebody a healing. She accepted and lied down on my table. It had been a while since I last did this and insecurity tried to convince me to not do this, but I didn’t listen. I asked archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light and asked permission to cleanse the energybody using St.Germain’s Violet flame. I started with my hands on the sides of her head and I had the impression energy was strong, even though I didn’t really feel it. After a short while there was a sudden shift in my mind’s image and instead of flushing her energy body now she was morphing into tree roots; the shape of her body got lost and she turned into a mass of intertwined large roots like you would see in the jungle, becoming one with the Earth. No idea what that was about. After that I started with shamballa, walking around her looking for clues what to do. No ideas came but I trusted my higher self that things were happening without my knowledge. After a while I stopped and I noticed she was shaking a bit, her arm and head were twitching. I observed for a while and wondered if I should do something. Eventually I decided to place some stones around her; a piece of ferrite/pyrite between her feet end a large labradorite below her head on the floor. She instantly got sad and started crying. I comforted her and we were both surprised. She also didn’t feel well but this passed quickly and she went back downstairs. I assume this was something that she needed to process, even though no thoughts or images arose that would explain the source of the sadness. Not sure if this means I did something wrong, I guess I have to trust that it was for the best.

Evening meditation

Today was a combination of healing sessions and an evening meditation. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00 I join the shamballa family to send love and light to all beings and the Earth. This felt strong and interestingly elements of the Goddess female energy meditation yesterday evening found their way into this session. For example, in one of them I fused my body with the body of a Goddess in order to integrate the female energy in mine. During today’s meditations and shamballa sessions I saw I had both a male and female body and I felt it made the energy stronger and more complete or balanced. After 15 minutes I proceeded to give a remote shamballa session to a friend who suffers from severe headaches. I imagined grabbing her head and white light started to flow into her head until her head was a beacon of bright white light. Then I asked permission to clean her energy body and for assistance from my guides, stGermain and her guides in doing that. I used the Violet energy and imagined it transmuting everything that didn’t serve her anymore. Meanwhile the guides where working on her as well. When this was done her body was filled with golden energy and it was encapsulated in a cocoon of white light. The purpose of the cocoon was to shield her from the fear of other people, making it easier for her to remain in her own power. When this whole process was complete I thanked all who helped and to my surprise only 7 minutes had passed. The energy still felt strong so I continued and gave a family member a session. Again, it was strong and my male\female bodies were there again. There also was pink energy just like the Goddess meditations yesterday. Interesting.

Lesson learned

There are a few things I can share about the Ziemia ceremony that I helped facilitate last saturday, which I will do over the coming period as time allows.

First of all I learned (again) that sometimes things are very much NOT what they seem…
In the weeks leading up to the ceremony I grew more and more anxious because I was insecure about what I could contribute. The other participants all had visible, concrete skills in my eyes and I didn’t. I only have my healing of which I still am not confident in spite of all the positive feedback I received in the past. (In hindsight there also was a huge fear to be judged by people at that ceremony). It was not until 1 or 2 days before the ceremony that the anxiety subsided somewhat and I was looking forward to it again. So this is the mindset that I entered the ceremony with. I placed my seiza bench at the edge of the room so I had a place to sit when I did not have a task. Also, I kept a copy of the programme there so I could take a peek at it on the go, because I was too nervous to memorize it. The ceremony was opened by the organizer after which there was a 20-minute sound healing using crystal singing bowls. This was one of two occasions where the three present healers could wander through the room and give healing energy to the people attending. As I was seated at the edge of the room, it was logical I would start with the couple that was lying directly in front of me. As the sound healing started I noticed I was very anxious again, feeling scared and insecure. I looked at the couple and I couldn’t get myself to give them a healing, which includes touching for me because I always do that by placing my hands behind the ears. I was afraid of the reaction of the man and didn’t dare touch him. His partner was lying besides him, very obviously pregnant. This raised questions with me too, because I would like to put my hand on her belly for a healing but this is an action that is either highly appreciated or deemed inappropriate depending on the level of trust of the person. So I didn’t dare heal her as well.

I interpreted the resistance I felt as my own fear and insecurity.

Because I only had 20 minutes I decided to skip the couple and go into the room. I kneeled down behind the first person and gently put my hands behind the ears. The person did not open the eyes and was not disturbed by it, so my worry of that was unjustified in this case. I still was very tense though so the healing was messy in my head and didn’t feel very effective to me. Also I was kneeled which was painful for my toes so that was distracting. I continued to the next person and sat crosslegged behind her. When I put my hands around the back of her head, she didn’t react in any way so that was good. I noticed how different she felt compared to the previous person, but couldn’t describe that difference. It was like a heaviness. I gave her some violet flame energy and continued to the next person. She saw me coming and we exchanged a slight smile. I sat crosslegged behind her and again put my hands behind her ears. This person too felt different , a lot lighter that the previous one. This was interesting because this is the first time I’m treating strangers in a rapid succession and I was surprised that I felt these differences even though I was far from relaxed. The next person was a balled man with biker-like clothes. As I sat behind him I immediately thought of Archangel Raphael so I sent green healing energy into his body. Perhaps there was some physical malady present there but I wasn’t keen enough to think of asking for guidance what that was.

At a later stage in the ceremony there was a second timeframe where the healers could wander the room.

I decided to go back to the couple and try to give them a healing again. I sat down behind the man but I couldn’t get myself to begin. I was afraid of his reaction. The same with his pregnant wife. I decided to try and give him a healing without touching him but even that wouldn’t work. Eventually I just decided to skip them alltogether, letting go of the idea that everyone in the room must get a healing.

Why am I sharing this? Because I interpreted the resistance I felt with that couple as my own fear and insecurity. This was not the case however. One of the other healers did actually approach the couple to give them a healing and it ended up being a nasty discussion. The man wasn’t interested and rejected all good intentions. Probably the ceremony was not what he expected of it and maybe he regretted coming. The man’s behavior was quite unpleasant. When I heard about this after the ceremony I realized that the resistance I had felt was not coming from my fear or anxiety, but from them. It appears I was actually following my intuition without realizing it. It’s a shame that it kind of put a shadow over the entire evening for me because I didn’t realize this until afterwards. It’s a very valuable lesson – for the other healer too, because she realized she had the same intuition about the couple but approached them anyway because she felt everyone should get a healing – which is the limited brain talking.

So the big lesson here was to trust my feelings more. I need to pay more attention to them. That being said , discerning where the feelings are coming from – someone else or me – is something I have to learn.


So yesterday I helped facilitate a Ziemia ceremony to honor Mother Earth. It was a very intense day and a deep learning experience for me. I’m not going into detail here, but some pictures of the ceremony can be found here. I’m thankful to have been a part of that.