Michael Chart

Some weeks ago I made an attempt to channel my son’s Michael Chart. I tried to get his Role (or soul type) by asking each role and seeing how it feels , so I’d ask ‘is he a Server?’ and see how that feels. Then ‘is he a Priest?’ etcetera. Then I’d check and see which value felt most confident. That way I attempted to get his Role, Soul Age , Chief Obstacle , Mode , Center and body type. When I reviewed what I got, I noticed that apart from the Role , I had mostly the same values as the chart for my daughter so I probably ‘copied’ them, hence I had low confidence in the accuracy – except for the Role.
A bit later I ordered the chart for my son with Shepherd Hoodwin and today I received it. Turns out I was accurate on the Role , Center and Mode.
The Chief Obstacle (CO) was not specified because he is too young; the CO can change until the 3rd internal monad (puberty) is completed.

I may try practicing this more by using the celebrity charts that can be found on the Michael Teachings site. I can pick a celebrity , channel the chart and check what I got that way. Only tricky thing is that if a chart is channeled for the second (or more) time, the accuracy may be lower. I’ve read channeled information is most accurate when it’s fetched for the first time and there is a true desire to get the info.

Centers explained

In another message from Shepherd Hoodwin in the group he explains how the Centers work. I’m glad he did that because the Centers are very key to how we interact with our environment and a practical explanation is very hard to find. The Center determines how one responds to external stimuli. Everybody has a primary Center and a Secondary center. The secondary Center is called the ‘part of’. For example , I’m in the Emotional Part (=secondary) of Intellectual Center (=primary). In the excerpt below the dynamics of the Intellectual Center (Emotional part) are very well explained and I immediately recognized the truth of it.

If you are intellectually centered, in the emotional part (secondary), it means that your first reaction is to analyze, and then you more-or-less automatically feel based on your thoughts once they are crystallized in reaction to something that occurred. To change your feelings, first change your thoughts. The positive pole of the intellectual center is thought, the negative, reason, which, in this context, means mechanical thinking that’s asleep, not seeing with fresh eyes and engaging in original thought. Those who are intellectually centered might be especially drawn to reading and analyzing. The weak link when your primary center is intellectual and your secondary is emotional are the two body centers—taking action and having physical experience, which is what will most balance you. If you fall into the trap of your center and worry—negative thoughts leading to negative feelings, leading to still more negative thoughts and still more negative emotions, forming a vicious circle—the way out is to do something. This is accomplished by distracting your emotional part: instead of worrying your thoughts to death, put on some music, look at some art, or anything else that will allow you to have emotions about something neutral, until you can gain control enough to take positive action.

The full explanation can be found here.

Energy Literacy

I received a message from Shepherd Hoodwin via the private Michael discussion group. Shepherd Hoodwin is one of the most prominent channels for the Michael Teachings and he wrote several books on the subject. He announces having recently released a new book “Energy Literacy” and I found the excerpt published on his page very interesting. It discusses Energy Hygiene if you will. You can read it on his page here.

Die Quelle

I’m very happy to have received permission to share a text that was posted in the Michael Teachings group on groups.io . The text describes the three Astral Territories. It is a translation from German to English and was originally channelled from ‘Die Quelle’ (a causal teacher like Michael) through Varda Hasselmann.

It is too large to post here so I created a separate page for it here.

Morning meditation

I’m feeling quite depressed and depleted since Friday. I know these things pass and I try not to attribute to much importance to it but it’s just that the defenses are down and things I thought I had overcome start bugging me again. The light in the light meditations is weak now, the same this morning. Then I remembered reading in More Messages from Michael that there is something unique about the Task Companion (TC); in contrast to others this soul can give you energy without depleting itself.

So I simply asked my task companion (about which I have no further information) to send me some energy if possible. Immediately I felt warmth in my belly which I thought was logical because that’s an important storage of energy. The warmth continued building up for a while and I thanked my TC for the energy, feeling somewhat better.

Past lives and the false self

I have a lot of interest in my previous lives. I have some scattered info but not much. I was wondering why I would want to know anything about previous lives and I do see some benefits but also dangers. If I’m afraid of open water then it might be useful to know I’ve drowned in the previous life; at least you know where it came from. It can also be very useful if the previous life generated karma that one still has to account for, this can make one understand difficult relations in this current life. But there is also a danger. Our personal history in this life is the main building block of the false ego. Take away a person’s history and their sense of personality will be severely diminished. Knowledge about previous lives (especially the lives one could be proud of) could easily be added to the personal history and become part of the construct of the false self.

MT Workshop

I’m helping to set up a workshop on the Michael Teachings by Shepherd Hoodwin in Amsterdam next March. More details about that will be posted as they become clear. In preparation I was watching a YouTube video of him at another workshop. It’s very interesting. For example, in this part he explains what it means to have a Goal of Flow.

Also, from that video I learned a bit more about the Centers. If you’re in the Physical Center then thoughts and emotions follow your physical state. So if you feel down, you can make yourself physically more comfortable (take a hot bath or something like that) and this will make you feel better mentally also. If you’re in the Intellectual Center like me, you can make yourself feel better by changing your thoughts. Because Thought is how you primarily interpret the world when in the Intellectual Center, the emotions form as a result of the thoughts. This ‘changing’ or ‘choosing’ your thoughts has many aspects about it that in the past made me wonder whether this is a good thing to do, but I can’t deny that it seems to work (if I remember to do it…). It just feels unnatural and counterintuitive. I guess it’s an example of the Dominion over the mind that st. Germain keeps emphasizing.


I was reading in More Messages From Michael today and I came across a passage where Michael explains the soul types and overleaves and how that relates to the capability of a person to channel.

Here is the passage:

So it would seem that with my Old soul age, having a Goal of Dominance and a Pragmatist Attitude I’m pretty well equipped to channel. My only obstacle would be my Chief Feature of Stubbornness because it blocks channeling when an ‘opening’ occurs and that’s exactly what I experience. In the few occasions that I’ve had an opening, I feel like I’m blocking. Guess I have to keep practicing. I’ve been practicing a few times lately but I don’t always log it here.


Recently I was approached by Shepherd Hoodwin and he asked if I was willing to help organize a lecture or workshop on the Michael Teachings in the Netherlands early next year. Of course I responded with a big Yes and now I’m working with 4 other people to get it done. We only just started exploring options but it looks like the event will take place in March next year in the Amsterdam region. I’ll post details as they become available.