This excerpt from ‘Journey of your Soul’ is interesting because it describes exactly what I’m doing. I’m just experimenting, trying to get my fantasy going until it gets a life of it’s own and then I see what I get.

I also see what has been blocking me in the past. For one I adopted the habit in meditation of dropping every thought as an unwelcome distraction, without evaluating it’s contents. This blocks any channeling because as far as I understand now, it is the enitity’s thoughts that pop up in your mind and translating them to words is still the channel’s job it seems. Also I do a lot of visualisations. Maintaining a visual image before my mind’s eye also blocks fantasy and leaves no room for spontaneous input. So what I do now is to meditate for some time to quiet the mind and body and then try to channel by just starting some dialog out loud and seeing what happens.

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