Aqua Lemuria

While on holiday in France I bought a bunch of crystals which I will spend a post on next week, but one stone I want to post on in advance: a piece of emerald-green Aqua Lemuria the size of a fist. I bought this stone in Sarlat at ‘Cristeax & Couleurs‘ , a seemingly high-end shop with three stores in France. I saw this piece and it attracted my attention. When I picked up the stone it felt soft and soothing, calming. I liked it. I had never heard of it, and the employee (who was very much into energy) explained it is volcanic glass from Sumatra and they are the only importer in Europe. It’s supposed to be a stone of extremely high energy. It was quite expensive as everything in that store, but since the whole store was clearly selling only top notch stuff I decided to buy it.

After returning at the camp site I was searching for information on that stone and could find little about it. Most of the time it is stated that it is ‘made from volcanic ash’ , implying it is man-made. This disappointed me. For me it is important that a stone is a produce of nature.

Still in doubt if I should go back and try to trade the stone, I put it beside my pillow at night. I slept well and had two dreams that I could remember in the morning, this has not happened to me in a long time. Also I’m feeling more emotionally stable since yesterday but that may be a coincidence. I’m going to keep the stone and see how this develops.

Backlit by a phone , the strange lines in the glass are visible.
Only in direct light the deep emerald green colour is seen.

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