Book of Mastery

I’m currently listening to the audio version of this book.
It feels like this is the book I needed at this time , it resonates so much with me. I listen to it while riding by bicycle to work and it touches me deeply.
It seems like all aspects of my spiritual path so far come together in this book and are put together like pieces of a puzzle.
The way I came to know about this book is also very ‘coincidental’.I use the excellent Insight Timer app which also has social capabilities so you can make friend relationships. I have 89 ‘friends’ but I never correspond with them other than the usual ‘thanks for meditating with me’ messages. Lately however I feel like doing new things to open possibilities in my life. One friend (an African lady) caught my eye because I noticed something in her profile information. I asked her a question and she answered it.
Additionally , out of the blue , she told me about this book.
I am grateful for it.

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