Book shizzle

I’m a bit chaotic with books at the moment. I’m reading several books in parallel and I pick up the book that feel like at that moment. In this way I’m still working on ‘The Light Shall Set You Free’, ‘More Messages from Michael’ , ‘Awaken healing energy through the Tao’ and ‘Totdat je Sterft’ (by Osho).
Additionally I listen to audiobooks while I ride my bicycle to work, and I just started re-listening to the ‘Book of Mastery’ by Paul Selig. It’s funny, I wanted to re-read it a while back but I couldn’t find it anymore in my Scribd subscription, so I continued with ‘unveiled mysteries’ which introduced me to the Light meditation. Now that I’ve read Unveiled Mysteries, I found the Book of Mastery again and I see now how these two beautiful books complement each other in a marvellous way. Funny how that goes…

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