Saint Germain

As I learned in my channeling session that Saint Germain is my master teacher, I was looking to learn more about him and I found a book in Scribd titled “Unveiled Mysteries” that is written by a Guy W. Ballard , a person who allegedly met Saint Germain on Mount Shasta in 1930. The book is about that encounter.

I just started reading it and the first pages already are giving me valuable information that seems to fill some gaps in my understanding. Here is an excerpt of the words spoken to him by Saint Germain:

This seems to indicate it’s not only okay to forcefully choose specific emotions in my experience, but it is essential to have control.

I was always in doubt whether it is wise to use willpower to choose your emotions, because then it feels like I’m pushing away difficult emotions so they can come back later and haunt me.

Additionally, most spiritual teachings predicate that it is necessary to accept What Is without resistance. Buddhists say to observe everything in perception come and go and stay equanimous. Untethered Soul says to let emotions flow through my system like energy and not resist or judge them.

I’m not sure yet how to reconcile the words of Saint Germain with the other teachings, since I can’t choose my feelings and be equanimous about them at the same time, or can I? If I feel anger arising, can I choose to switch to forgiveness without resisting the anger? Because resistance equals suffering.

I’m probably going to get back on this topic as I learn more about it.

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