Core Beliefs

I’m listening to this Scribd audiobook while I ride my bike to work: “The Nature of Personal Reality : Specific Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know” by Jane Roberts. This is an extraordinary book with channelled material from and entity named Seth on the mechanics of consciousness and the manifestation of our reality. What we consistently keep in our mind we manifest. The current chapter I’m listening to is about core beliefs. These beliefs are taken for absolute undisputed truths in our minds and what our minds consider truth gets manifested, so they are very important. Core beliefs can be difficult to spot however because they are so blindly accepted, making finding your core beliefs seem a bit of a challenge. A conversation yesterday got me thinking about that. I seems to me that the roles we fullfill in our lives are a good starting point to find core beliefs and see their impact on our consciousness. For example, one might have the core belief:”I am a responsible parent”. On the surface this may not seem to be a problem belief. In fact, many people would commend you for adhering to that standard. But what if the belief that you should be responsible means that you’re always being serious about things? Does that confine your inner child, preventing you from being joyous,spontaneous,playful? Does that mean you’re always on the look-out for danger, making you see the world as a dangerous place?
In the same way we can examine our other roles; sister,friend,co-worker,neighbour, you name it.

I might post more on this as I progress in the book.
Have a wonderful day!

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