Crazy times

It’s been a while since my last post. Considering what’s going on in the world, it seems silly to be blogging about my spiritual activities. It’s just crazy how much fear is going around now. For me, it started out with facing some of my own fears, stepping out of my comfort zone. While I was in the middle of that, the institution where I work was hacked causing intense fear in me. While still recovering from that the Corona virus starts wreaking havoc in the world. It seems that fear is escalating, I’m wondering where it’ll end. (I channeled a while ago for myself that a period of fear was coming but Boy, I didn’t expect anything like this.)

Sometimes I think that, in order to really change human behavior on planet Earth and become awake beings, something really big would need to happen that would lead to a systemic failure of our political and economic system, but I never could think of anything that would do that on a global scale. Could this be it? Maybe. I expect though that this is not ‘It’ . I expect this thing to disrupt everything for a while and then it’ll go away. I see it as a warning, a wake-up call. Not that someone or something is being angry at us or anything like that, but just the first big result of a disturbed balance. Time to get our act together. There is a lot of suffering going on right now and I don’t deny that, but I hope this event will lead to a much needed reset of human thinking, where we are more considerate of the consequences of our actions for our fellow creatures and the Earth.

As for myself, I notice that meditation and energy work is harder for me now because all the Corona stuff keeps grabbing my attention. Lots of activities are being cancelled that I had planned and was looking forward to. This is all trivial however and can be made up for later. I just hope that the suffering will be as minimal as possible and that this thing will be over quickly.

May you and your loved ones be healthy and happy. May all beings be healthy and happy.

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