As I was riding my bicycle to work this morning I saw an Indian man walking on the Maastricht sidewalk wrapped in a dirty blanket. He obviously was homeless.

I considered asking the man if he wanted something to eat and noticed that mind started throwing concerns at me. What if he’s mentally ill and attacks you? Or he’s an addict and he steals your bag? Or… etc etc. This is the limiting mind at work.

I turned around, stopped beside him and said good morning in English and he replied alike. His English was perfect and he had a well-educated look about him.

I asked if he wanted something to eat and he said yes. I started rummaging in my bag looking for my sandwiches and first found my daily banana so I gave him that first. As I went on looking for the sandwiches a woman stopped and gave him her lunch bag. I thanked her. She walked on with a smile and the man asked me for 2 euros. As I was looking for my wallet he said he actually wanted 5 euros…so I have him 2 euros and wished him well, looking him in the eyes and went on my way.

What a nice way to start the day 🙏

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