Evening meditation

This evening we were visiting some friends. We chatted and meditated together. They had setup a number of large crystal grids with a chair in the center; one to ‘open up and charge up’ consisting of amethysts, clear quartz and rose quartz. A second one was ‘earthing’ using rings of mahogany obsidian, tourmaline and septary. A third one was to ‘bring us home’ and consisted of a large blue calcite sphere surrounded by large quartz crystals. Additionally there were large citrine crystal in the corners of the room and in the center was a labradorite sphere the size of a soccer ball. It was quite a setup. We each took a chair and meditated for an hour, rotating positions every 20 minutes so everyone could experience every position. It was nice to feel the difference between the grids. The first one felt bright, energizing and penetrating, the second one felt ‘safe and soothing’ and the last one made me feel confident like it’s going to be okay. For me there were not much visuals or images that came to mind, but the others saw all kinds of beautiful things.

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