Hello World

My first post…how to begin?

This blog is a way for me to keep track of my spiritual path. Writing down what I do and learn helps me remember what I’m doing and why , and if someone out there thinks this is worth reading then that’s a bonus – but I’m okay with an audience of one.

No point re-iterating what has happened the last few years , it’s too much. Instead , I’m going to shortly explain what I’m practicing right now and what I’m interested in.
My spiritual path started out with in 2014 with a Vipassana meditation retreat. Vipassana still is an important part of my practice.

About a year ago I was introduced to the world of working with light , love and energy. This opened a whole new world for me that I’m still getting used to because it also involves balancing the rational mind (left brain) with the intuitive mind (right brain). Now I’m learning to feel instead of intellectualize. I have already seen that there are realities that the right brain can directly Know that the left brain cannot understand.

I also did a course on energy healing which I plan to bring into practice.

Energy work can be supported by working with crystals , another area where I’m trying to develop myself. I always liked crystals for their looks and colours , but now I want to learn about their energetic properties too.

There is much more to be said , but I will explain stuff as the need presents itself in my day-to-day reports.

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