Microcosmic Orbit #62 of 100

This 20-minute session was very messy. I started by sitting in the garden but there was to much distraction. I would feel the wind and sun on my skin and this makes it harder to feel any energy so I went back inside. I sat cross-legged on the couch and then a fly decided my head was worth exploring. I chased it away one time and it came back immediately so I left it alone after that. Have fun. The dog started snoring. (Why do the smallest dogs always snore the loudest? 🤔) I didn’t bother getting upset about all this and just continued, accepting this would be a messy session. There was some mind wandering too because I’m preparing our caravan for our summer holiday to camping Bel Ombrage in France. (I hope I will be able to keep posting.)

Sensations in this session were obviously not strong, but still there was a sense of heat, especially in the lower dantian.

Maybe I’ll do an extra MCO later today.

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