Microcosmic orbit books

Today I will finish reading ‘the Surrender Project’. This book was extremely inspiring. So what book to read next? I have a long list waiting for me in Scribd , I’m happy that I subscribed to that service. My interest at the moment is seeing how I can make the microcosmic orbit meditation more effective, I’m ready to work on the next phase. I partially read a book a while ago by Mantak Chia called ‘Healing Love through the Tao, Cultivating female sexual energy’. It was interesting but of course not entirely applicable to me. At the time I could not find the male variant of that book. Now that I’m reminded of it I checked my Scribd subscription and it includes that book so that’s nice , but I also read the comments saying it actually is a follow-up to another book called ‘Healing Love through the Tao’. This book too is available in Scribd so I’ll start with that one to build from the base up.

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