Together with three other people I usually have a shamballa gathering about once a month. Yesterday evening we did this online, due to the Corona limitations. I was not sure what to expect but I thought it would be a good test for the upcoming larger, more formal online shamballa gathering on the 12th of may.

Of course things don’t work the same compared to being together in the same room, so it takes some getting used to. Normally we would chat a bit, pick some cards from a deck and do a healing on each other and I was curious how this would work in a video meeting. I wasn’t disappointed . Chatting is different because in a session like this it doesn’t work if you keep interrupting each other, but once people learn to only interrupt by exception it works fine. Picking cards was okay too, one person picked the cards for the others and read them out loud. It should make no difference if I pick my card myself or someone else does it for me. Finally we did the healings. As usual we took turns in which one received a healing from the other three. What was funny was that even though we usually work with our eyes closed we all finished within 10 seconds of each other and the person receiving the the energy opens his/her eyes at the same time with no signal being given. This happens when we’re in the same room and now also online. We also noticed that the healing was a lot faster; two or three minutes per session. Our experiences in receiving and giving healing online were similar to doing it in person. All in all it worked fine and even though I still prefer being with persons in the same room this worked quite well.

Looking forward to the session on the 12 to of may!

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