Yesterday’s visit to the Spiriosa festival was the first time I attended, and I liked it a lot. Good vibes, an opportunity to learn and try new things and the chance to meet interesting people . During the opening ceremony I joined the crowd in a beautiful mantra (info) lead by Kim Jessen and her daughter, this touched me deeply. I noticed that I felt insecure participating in this , so it was a healthy opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. I did a Tai Chi workshop lead by Andy van de Poel which I enjoyed a lot, did a guided visualization and attended a ‘connected breath’ workshop by Arja Verkerk that releases emotions stored in the body. It was a strange sensation to have these emotions like sadness while the accompanying mental story is not there, only the pure emotion. So you cry your eyes out (or get angry or fearful) and get to release that emotion in a safe environment without the associated storyline in your head. Very interesting and it can be done at home too. Oh , and I was ‘read’ by a woman at a stand while searching out a crystal for me. She sensed I have a problem with my shoulder, that I have trouble expressing emotions and that the latter was caused by something that happened when I was eight. (My parents divorced when I was eight). There were more details like that , it was uncanny. I bought a piece of septary mixed with chalcopyrite from her.

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