I’ve been keeping a personal log of my experience for some time now and still do, besides this site. Sometimes I look at older logs and read how I felt back then so I can put things in perspective. This time I read a log from last June.

I was sitting in the back of the car meditating. The weather was nice so the window was open, the wind blowing on my face. Suddenly there was this scene before my mind’s eye where I was lying wounded and my damaged leg was stuck under an object. I had to save someone but in order to do that I had to pull my leg free, making the wounds worse. I did this and the scene shifted; now I was standing next to a medieval stake on which a person was being burnt to death. The burning person didn’t make a sound which left a deep impression on me. I had a feeling that the person on the stake was a loved one but I was powerless to intervene. I saw the man with the torch and tried to forgive him. Then I saw the magistrate, watching the fire with an evil grin on his face. I tried to forgive him too.

The scene was over and it left me with a deep emotional feeling in my abdomen for some time, wondering if this was a fantasy or a memory. Usually if I have strange thoughts that catch my attention I can trace back how I got there but in some cases, like this one, they just pop up out of nothing.