It’s been a while since I posted anything about myself here. That’s because I’ve been very busy and focused on the awakening course by Fred Davis I was attending. It disrupted my daily routine and what’s more, work was very busy and I also had a lot of practical stuff to figure out like where to go on holiday since our flights to Thailand had been cancelled. During this time I had all these practical problems to solve and simultaneously tried to focus on the awakening course. My meditation routine was disrupted too. This created a mess in my head which prevented me from being clear enough to write anything useful here. It still is very messy in my head. A lot of dust still needs to settle.

The course by Fred Davis consisted of an awakening session on Saturday June 13th, followed a clarity session on the subsequent two Saturdays. The awakening session was essentially a neti neti session but with a twist. Fred attacked the adopted identity of a Dennis. The Dennis with his name, history, opinions,traumas,desires etc. You come to see that these things are all just thoughts in your head and have no real reality to them. Also , since we identify with the body , Fred goes ahead and goes on a structured search in the body. Where is this Dennis located? It’s nowhere to be found! It worked well and I could feel that I identified much less with the body and the concept of ‘Dennis’, but identification with thoughts remained strong. What’s more, I didn’t experience a radical shift like I did at a party about a year ago. I knew I’d be trying to re-create that experience and I know ‘Dennis’ can’t do it because I know – from reason and experience – that ‘Dennis’ does not exist. Experiences happen but they have no owner. Still there was a big sense of disappointment after the awakening session because ‘I’ hadn’t woken up. It has taken me a few weeks to get over that.

I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to participate in this course. I (un)learned a great deal. I did not wake up but several others in the course clearly did which is amazing. The course was recorded and the video will be available for renting after next weekend, so if you want to see me ‘fail’ you can rent that video.😉 I’ll post a link when it’s available.

I highly recommend this course. It really has the potential to wake people up, I’ve seen it happen! An equally good recommendation is the audiobook ‘Awaken Now!’ by Fred Davis, which is a transcript of a one-on-one awakening session as he does with clients. The book can be accessed here for free if you start a trial month of Audible. It’s total length is about three and a half hours. I listened to all of it in an extended meditation and I found it *really* good. I can imagine it wakes people up and makes them realize their true nature, I’m just a tough cookie. But the course and this audiobook both shook my foundation so I’m keeping at it.

To finish this post here is a quote from Fred Davis:

Truth #1: we make stuff up in our heads.
Truth #2: we believe the stuff we make up.
Truth #3: we suffer because we believe the stuff we make up.
Truth #4: we go on a spiritual path because we suffer from believing the stuff we made up.

I’ll be back soon. Be well 🙏

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