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Last Tuesday I participated in an experimental online Shamballa group session. I helped set it up technically and I grew more and more anxious in the days leading up to the event because I very much wanted it to work. Not only in a technical sense but also I hoped that people would be comfortable with working remotely as opposed to up close in person. Also I had no idea of the interest for this in the Shamballa family and I had no idea what activities the host was planning to do.
When we were setting up the equipment for the event technology failed me of course but luckily I had some spare time and 5 minutes before the go-live everything worked. Phew.
We started the session with 13 people, so that’s 10 external participants. About halfway the session a 14th person joined. I know of one person who wanted to join but was unable to at the last moment, so I’d say there was more than enough interest.
The host started out with a guided meditation (of which I didn’t hear much because I was still too tense and monitoring the session for problems). Already at the start of the session I felt there was a lot of strong energy in the group and I felt cold. Shivers and trembles went over my body and I wondered if the room had gotten cold.
I believe he followed that meditation up with picking an energy card from a deck and holding that up to the camera for a group healing. At this point I was getting more at ease. Then we performed a joint Shamballa healing to support de fearful,sick and lonely people on the globe, supported by the Shamballa family, St.Germain and I believe Mother Maria. This was nice but I still wasn’t fully relaxed because I had to divide my attention between the healing and the technical aspects of the session. Also mind wandered quite a bit but still it felt like a powerful session.
After a short break we were divided up in groups of three and in timeslots of 5 minutes 1 member of the group receives a healing from the other two members. After about 15 minutes everyone had had a turn and there was a feedback round for each person to have an opportunity to share about the session. This worked fine and experiences were comparable to being physically together. I already noticed this because I have done remote sessions before, but still I prefer being with the ‘target’ in the same room.

After all this there was another round of general feedback about the online session and responses were very positive. The concensus was that it can’t fully replace an in-person session but that being impossible , this way is th enext best thing. Also, it’s a learning experience for people who have never done this remotely.

As someone said to me once ; Space isn’t what divides us, it’s what connects us.

I’m very happy with the results and having been able to help this beautiful community. I’m looking forward to the next session which will be held 2-4 weeks from now.

Thanks to all who participated and stay strong!

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