Healing session

I just did a healing session on my daughter. Yesterday I gave her a olivine bracelet which I put on her heart chakra to be cleaned and charged during the session. I put on some singing bowl music and started with asking archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. When I felt the change in the room I asked permission from her higher self to clean her energy body. I did not get a clear positive or negative feeling so I assumed a yes. I asked st. Germain for his Violet flame energy and asked for assistance from my guides . I then put my hands on the sides of her head and imagined the Violet energy flowing into her through my arms, while the Guides removed foreign and negative energies. This took unusually long. Normally after 1 or 2 minutes this action starts feeling useless at which point I stop, but this did not happen now. I spent a few more minutes doing this and then I stopped. , thanking st Germain and the Guides for the help. Then I grounded myself in the Earth and started circulating Earth energy through the head, this has a calming effect on the client. Next it was Shamballa On. (No details on that phase to respect her privacy.) After about 10 minutes I sat down to meditate the remainder of the session to allow her to rest while the energy continues to work. I felt peaceful and could sense the presence of energy in the room.

Afterwards she told me she felt heat where I was working, and the bracelet felt cold on her heart. The whole session took about 30 minutes.

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