Healing session

This evening I did a healing session for an acquaintance. She’s a woman I know from the shamballa gatherings and we did a ceremony together once. It seems we also have shared previous lives. I offered her a healing session some time ago and recently this resulted in an actual appointment. Of course I was looking forward to it but I also felt insecure. It has been a while since I did any energy work at home. But I also was looking forward to it because I’ve been wanting to practice more and learn to use crystals during the session. So this evening she arrived and after we chatted a bit we went upstairs to my room. She layed down on the table and I played some nice koshi bells music to get us in the mood. I’m not going into all the details but I put gemstones on all the chakras: Jasper at the root for grounding, rose quartz at the sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat. An aquamarine on the third eye (that works really well!). Finally another rose quartz at the crown. Then I sat down for a few minutes to calm the mind and get focused. I started with holding her head and just making contact. I felt a lot of tension and I let it flow to the earth. Then I used some Violet energy, did some brain balancing and used shamballa. I also used two crystal wands to clean her chakras, something I recently saw in a video. It was fun to do. I spent almost an hour in total. It probably was a healing for both of us because I felt it too, it was nice. It was very good practice and I believe that it even was the first time that someone not from my family was on my table… Hopefully more opportunities will present themselves.

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