Online Shamballa

This evening I had an online Shamballa session with friends. Since it was a Thursday and we do a shamballa meditation each Tuesday and Thursday for the benefit of Corona victims we discussed doing a guided meditation for that purpose. We couldn’t think of a guided meditation to use. I volunteered to provide guidance off-hand, even though I felt very insecure about that. For about 10 minutes I provided a visualization, I just said what surfaced in my mind without thinking about it too much. It worked very well and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

After that one of the participants had to leave because she didn’t feel so well. Three of us remained and after some chitchat we gave each other a healing. This went very well too and there were some striking similarities between our experiences. Next time will be an online session too but hopefully after that we can start doing in-person sessions again.

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