Practice Session

I did a session on a family member just now. This is a summary.

Started out with asking archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light. Asked for permission of the person’s higher self to clean energy body. Got ‘yeah yeah – get on with it already’ 🙂. Asked assistance of my higher self, st.Germain and spirit guides. Grounded myself and connected my crown. I put my hands on the sides of the head and flooded the body with Violet energy. I stopped after a minute or so. Then I tried out my new pendulum above the 3rd eye and heart chakras, that did nothing. Don’t know why, guess I need to read up on how to use it or get an official pendulum. (Or practice more.) Put the pendulum away again.

I Invited Michael to do energy work through me. I put my right hand on the crown of her head. I felt I needed to unlock my knees and slightly bend them to straighten my back and neck to facilitate better energy flow. I imagined Michael connecting through my heart center and the energy flowed from there through my arms. Michael started slow , with a trickle of energy increasing slowly. I put my hands on her shoulders from behind, slowly alternating mild pressure between right and left shoulder. Energy was shooting through the arms out of the hands. After a short while they stopped; ‘that’s enough for now’. I connected to Earth (Pachamama) and started flushing the head with Earth energy. I pressed my index fingers on the small protruding part in the ear opening, saw needle-like metal things penetrating the head to the center. Energy then started feeling abrasive to the point that I got concerned and I stopped it, switching to golden Mahatma energy to soothe the energy body. Got a reminder to unlock my knees and straighten my back. (Table is probably too low for me.) Added shamballa at the end. The whole session didn’t feel very intense or vivid for me although the person on the table had many sensations in the head and her hands were a bit painful afterwards. That’s not necessarily a bad sign, energy work does not always make you feel better immediately.

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