About once a month I attend a small gathering of people who attended the NPDMT (Shamballa) course as I did. Today was such a gathering at my home. One person couldn’t make it so there were only three of us. We chatted and did the Metta meditation together which was nice. We then collectively sent Shamballa to a person in distress using a photo. After that we gave each other a Shamballa treatment. I had no insights or surprising sensations, the only thing was that with one person I was working at the head and my hands got warm, and I moved to the feet and my hands got cold, while she reported afterwards that she felt my hands were cold at her head and warm at her feet.

I need to practice this more often. I still haven’t executed my plan to put up a note a the supermarket to invite people to come for a healing but that will come. All in due time.

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