Evening meditation

This is a Shambhala meditation as described here:
It’s purpose is to connect to the higher self by repetition of this visualisation.

Doing more higher-self meditations is something that has been on my agenda for some time but never got priority. Now that I have to rely more on myself I want to try and look for support and guidance from my higher self. This is the first time I tried this one and below is how it unfolded for me. This was last night, a 30-minute session.

I was struggling in a raft to get to the sun. The raft was built from debris do I guess I had a rough boat ride before that. I don’t remember the condition of the sea, wether it was calm or violent , so I guess it was calm. The weather was neutral. As I progressed closer to the sun I reached a rift in the water, blocking my way to the sun. The water was pouring down violently into the darkness of the rift. I paused here for some time to look for ways to get across but the rift extended to the horizons to my left and right. I saw something like a bridge to my right in the distance. I went there and tried to cross the bridge on foot. It was a narrow wooden bridge, and it ended halfway over the rift. I decided to jump off the bridge into the water on the other side of the rift. As I jumped, the water below me went further away, as if I had jumped from a great height. This was scary for a moment. I plunged into the water and came up to the surface. I swam towards the sun but could not reach it. Some creature in a human-like form helped me out of the water and into the doorway into the sun. I can’t remember what was in the sun , my memory just ends there. I guess I got distracted.

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