Evening mediation (extra MCO)

This MCO last evening was a bit strange. I’m at the camping site and the weather is very hot here so I was looking for a spot to meditate. I ended up sitting on my seiza bench outside the caravan on the grass between the trees. I did a 26-minute session and as soon as I started there was a lot of pressure at my 3rd eye. I asked for support from my higher self and guides to make this session effective. At first I did 5 minutes of drawing energy again and then used guiding audio to do the MCO. I did the slow version, going from one spot to the next in a breath. The visualisation was surprisingly vivid, despite the fact that focus was difficult for to all the critters that were exploring my body. Sensations were even present at the root chakra, a distant warmth. The rest was as usual.Again the meditation felt like it fills a need, felt kind of relieved afterwards.Other meditations get skipped because I’m out of my routine now at the camping but the daily MCO is a must.

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