Evening meditation

I’ve been a bit lazy with posting on this site. It’s not that there was nothing to post, but somehow I didn’t think of it.

A few days ago, during my evening meditation, I tried to channel again and it seems I made contact with my Task Companion , Eliyah. I asked some questions, got no answers or answers that I didn’t particularly like. Asked a question for a friend too, got another answer I didn’t like. Life gives you what you need, not what you want.

Again I doubt myself and whether this is all me fooling myself but by now I’ve seen too much to simply dismiss it all as fantasy. If I just keep practicing then there will be enough material to start validating and we’ll see then. I just started reading ‘Journey of your Soul’ by Shepherd Hoodwin which is primarily about the Michael Teachings but the subject of channeling is also prominent so we’ll see what we learn.

So the past few days the meditations were dull, but tonight it felt lively again. Spending half an hour to quiet mind and body before I start the Light meditation works well. The body felt quite energetic today and there was a lot of pressure in the head again as I tried to flood the brain with white light and balance my left and right brain.

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