Evening meditation

Tonight I dedicated my meditation to sitting in awareness and keep focused on the breath, because lately a lot of fears, doubts and desires that I thought were getting ‘under control’ have come to the forehead again to challenge me, at least that’s how I view it. I’m off center during the day so I need these longer sessions in the evening and it feels good. I even practiced a little channeling again, I talked shortly to Eliyah (nothing spectacular) and there also was a short visit from ‘an old friend’ from a previous life so it seems. The purpose was to express gratitude for helping him/her in that life. Apparently we were Indians and he was severely injured. I took care of him and so he survived and tyhis was grateful to have had the chance to see his children grow up.

Of course after this I was in doubt whether I had been talking to myself but I have been warned of this effect and I should ignore that; things will validate themselves in due time.

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