Evening meditation

It seems I’m regaining some of my energy and centering. I also ate big meals today and yesterday which is unusual for me, I normally eat quite modest portions. So tonight I started my evening meditation listening to some meditative music to quiet the mind and then did a Light meditation. During this time a plan developed in my head how I want to treat a person with whom I regularly practice shamballa. I let this happen in my head as I found it productive. The Light felt stronger again, this had been weak since last Friday or so. I followed that up with a Violet flame meditation because I hadn’t done that in quite a while and it felt strong. After that I felt centered and empty-minded so I practiced some channeling with Michael. It was okay, nothing spectacular. Michael told me to be patient and wait while a heaviness built in my head which was peculiar. They seemed to want to respond to my post about love today. They found it good but much more could be said about it. I agree… But I didn’t get any extra material.

I would like to be able to enter a trance for channeling and this felt like it could lead to that. Who knows.

Of course afterwards I doubt myself again, are these my own thoughts? But I can’t deny that I have had small predictions in the past that were very specific and came out true.

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