Evening meditation

Lately I feel like there’s nowhere to hide, like no aspect of my life is giving me any security or stability. Everything is surrounded by doubt and suspicion in my mental world.

So in search of a way to manage this I’m exploring EFT (tapping). This evening I started out with listening to some singing bowls for about 20 minutes and then I did two guided EFT meditations. One was 20 minutes and the other was 10 minutes. I must say that it definitely seems to make a difference; the ball of tension in my abdomen was still present but it was soft and warm like a piece of malleable wax. I followed it up with a Light meditation which was okay. Feeling quite a bit more centered and optimistic now, but I also see the tendency of mind to go back to the thought streams that cause the tension. If I let that happen the anxiety and insecurity will return so I have to stay alert and centered.

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