Evening meditation

I lack the time for a long post but tonight was a bit unusual. I sat down in my meditation room and started out by listening to two delicate classical songs, they touched me. It was an experiment to get me to feel emotions, to open up. It seemed to work and after that I listened to this excellent track with crystal singing bowls. I became very aware of my whole body and could feel the waves of tingles going through my body, dancing as it were on the music of the bowls. I felt a bit detached from my body and for a moment it felt like my consciousness was moving into a large citrine crystal that was placed in front of me. It felt pleasant so I started the track again when it finished, it still felt good but not as strong in the first part. After that I did a Light meditation that felt quite strong. These longer sessions (this one was 1h:25m…) definitely have their benefit.

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