Evening meditation

Tonight’s meditation was nice. I received a forwarded message suggesting how to approach the Corona crisis and it sounded like something I wanted to do. I’m not usually the type to send Love & Light to anything, because, well, I have trouble feeling love- I think. Nevertheless I started doing it and I asked for permission to join other light workers and light beings in the joint effort to heal Earth. In my mind the picture formed of a beautiful bright planet Earth whirling through the blackness of space. It looked vulnerable and delicate. I envisioned happy, healthy people living on it, living in harmony with each other and nature. Earth was surrounded by a web of light beings, all beaming down light and love to all creatures on the planet. It was nice and it felt good. After 15 minutes or so I continued to do a remote healing for a woman with whom I had an appointment this evening to do a healing. She was one of the 6 persons that contributed to the Ziemia ceremony with me. We reluctantly cancelled due to Corona doubts. The remote session felt good though.

Finally I sent shamballa to an old friend and I suddenly found myself lying curled up in her lap, enjoying the feeling of being warm, safe and cherished. Then I remembered the power of the Light that is within me and I turned it around, so now she was in my lap and I was protecting her the same way. I maintained and enjoyed this image for a while and went to bed.

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