Evening meditation

Lately the fear surrounding the pandemic is getting more grip on me. Each time I feel something unusual in my body the first thought that arises is that it may be the virus at work. I realize that it’s important not to feed this with my attention and stay positive instead. Also my mind goes rampant with scenarios to what this pandemic is going to cause in this world as secondary effects, which doesn’t help either. Luckily so far all my family members and loved ones seem not infected.

So tonight I dedicated my meditation time to a basic breath meditation to quiet the mind and get centered again, which worked nicely. In fact, after 40 minutes or so I felt slightly detached from my experience again and felt a pleasant buzzing throughout my body. It had a healing quality to it so I decided to send that energy to the souls of all sentient brings on the planet, amplifying it with shamballa. It felt good.

May all beings be healthy and strong 🙏

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