Evening meditation

I’m not posting as much as I usually do which is probably a shame because there is a lot going on for everybody right now. It’s heart warming to see that, between all this fear and suffering , many people also seem to unite and help each other in all kinds of ways.

I’m working at home now, fortunately I have a job that allows for that. I’m also glad that so far my family is healthy. The need to stay at home does frustrate however and tonight we had an argument with one of our teenage kids that left me very angry and disappointed. I’m glad I managed to respond in a balanced way, expressing my feelings instead of going into full attack. This was just before my evening meditation so I was still very much worked up when I sat down. The first 30 minutes were intended to calm the mind but of course it kept going back to the argument. When I started my light meditation I calmed down however and at the end of that I was completely softened up and sending love and compassion to all humans. I visualized a network of lights surrounding the Earth, beaming down light and love. I could really feel the love which was surprising, especially for me. It’s remarkable how strong this light meditation is, considering the mood I started out with.

May you all be healthy and compassionate 🌸

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